Pokestop canceled


Yesterday I saw for the first time that a pokestop was canceled. The fact is that there were 2 pokestops close to each other and both ware “cementary”. Do you have similar experience?

What do you mean by canceled? Are you saying the pokestop is no longer there?

Yeah exactly. There is no longer this pokestop.

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I had a gym in my hometown go away. Two Pokestops away, the Pokestop became a new gym. But the old gym didn’t become a Pokestop. It just disappeared from the game.

Niantic sometimes removes stops or gyms if someone puts in a request. I have noticed 6 Pokestops are removed from my home town. These stops were at schools and hospitals. I know the hospital requested the stops be removed because people were loitering in the parking lot when the game launched.

Fortunately this rarely happens and through ingress recommendations more stops are being added to the game.

They import new data every Tuesday, so it could indicate your PokéStop got removed due to being removed in Ingress

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There is a graveyard in my town with 10-20 stops littered throughout it. Some guy decides to jump fence late at night for a Chansey, causes a bit of a scene (even though he gets away), and the next day: poof. All stops at the cemetery are gone.

Yeah I had a very similar case to yours. There was a graveyard in town that was a 1/2 mile loop with about 30-35 stops. I would go there every morning to stock up on items. Since it was the only large cluster near my house. Apparently the city didn’t like all of the foot traffic and people were not being respectful in the area so the removed all of the stops.

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Clutch978 - I saw that video. Gutted for you.