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Pokestop AR mapping reimagined - now Powered-Up Pokestops

For some reason Niantic felt the need to retool the whole Pokéstop AR-scanning feature, and is announcing a new setup. I wanted nothing to do with the old setup; but I’m not convinced the new one is any more appealing. Decide for yourself…

This feature will fail.
You need 5 people to scan for a 48 hour bonus?? Too much work for too many people for a crappy timely reward? Also you’re giving Niantic free AR shit they can use or sell.

Nope, not gonna happen.


Don’t do it. They will remove your pokestops

I did not see in the release info how long the benefits last and exactly was the improvement is.
I also thought about the removal of pokestops but maybe for the ones that are not scanned enough.

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Too much time for very little in return. Not interested.

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