Pokemons in parks

Anyone has saw the “new pokémons” on parks?
Just walked around a tree park, got 2 Lilepp, 1 Omanyte, 3 Onyx, 2 Bulbasaur and 1 Turtwig. And there was a Aerodactyl that got away after escaping the first ball. Could not find a Cubone. Stranger than that, all the pókemon got the weather bónus (had a field research asking to catch 5 and counted them all) on a rainy day…

If you mean that these Pokemon used to be rare for you but now they are common there might have been a nest migration

It´s nearby 3 gyms. Since the christmas-winter event started, normally there where ice and 1 or 2 other pókemon. Today, those where there and only 2 delibird and 2 jynx.
And the weather was raining and the first 5 caught made the field research of catching 5 pókemon with weather bonus.
Already got a Steelix, since 2 of those Onix where good 15-14-12.


@songohan Niantic tolled us they would change up park spawns, I guess they just did

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