Pokemons hunt guide

so first a small intro to the guide, here we gona talk about pokemons hunting tactics, dust farm and rare pokemons hunting, and each category I gona list tips.

so first of all I gona list generic tips.
1)first of all any good hunter know the key to successful hunt is Intel on the area, so first thing go scout the area look for placeses with lot of pokemons at, and make a note how many pokemons there and where they at, a screenshots can do the work too ,
2)take a look at nearby and look for rare pokemons, once you find one before you capture it take screenshot of the place, often at placeses where rare pokemons found, it means it spawn point with chanceses for rare pokemons,
3)categorize the screenshots as follow, “overflow areas” ,“rare sight pokemons”,
that way you can go from one spot to the other depend what you after, if after startdust overflow areas, if rare pokemons then rare sight,

hunting tactics

1)there is 3 types of hunting, 1) camping a spot also known as passive hunting,
2 ) active hunting via walking or driving from one spot to the other,
3)the fishing driving method, the most expensive method, use pogo+ and drive all over city, catching anything you can along the way,

I gona list tips to make each tactic easy to use,

passive hunting, (one of my favorite methods, it also cost and energy wise.)

1)bring chairs or have a comfortable sit spot, also large umbrella to protect from sun help,
2)try to find a spot with pokestops or gyms near spawn point, that help renew supply while hunting,
3)have pogo + with pokemon and loot on but don’t let it catch the pokemons only loot gyms or pokestop ,
4)bring food and drinks aswell for long stay purpose, ice to cool down phones help too,
5)power bank for long time stay or solar backpack with power bank good too,
6)having a cooling station at home- for your phones help a lot ,to build cooling station you just need, a small desk fan that can attached with clips to the desk, and a dinner plate made either from stone or ceramic dinner plate or aluminum plate, that important to spread heat and keep phone cool along with the fan.

or alternative from outside hunting, make sure to check if you have at your home pokemons spawning, it means if yes that you have spawn point at your home, then incase you don’t want go out, or feel lazy, just sit in your bad and hunt pokemons,

active hunting, (a intense method that you always on the move, downside-not energy wise, probably good for short time, move from one cluster or rare spawn points to the other,)

1)try not laugh - have a good budget ,if you plan to go on car mostly on daytimes, air condition and heat outside, cause even more fuel to burn and increase cost,
2)air condition if you plan to go on car at hot days or cold days,
3)if you on foot anti uv cream is must, with lot of water and ice with a hat to protect head from sun,
4)power bank and car phone charger, and pogo + a must have both on foot and car,
5)if you on foot a large backpack is important ,maybe it will weight a lot, but you can carry everything you need in, bring lot of water food and all rest, but make sure the backpack is compact and organized well,

the fishing boat driving method,(the most expensive ,yet effective and zero brain method, drive with incense and star jewel or without and with pogo+ catching anything along the way with, if there is possibility drive at slow speed.)

1)almost don’t need any preparation beside good budget, and lot of fuel, bring water and some food at car,
2)bring a screwdriver and cr 2032 coin batteries for replacement, incase pogo+ battery run out ,make sure to buy it from a good brand, so it will have good quality it always pay off,
3)car phone charger preferably original or same charge type, make sure it have the right charge type, that you see it fast charging, you don’t compromise on slow chargers that wont fit, incase you more then one in the car, try to get in the car multi exits for the car chargers, so all of you can charge your phones.

and the last tip for all car drivers ,incase your car battery die and car wont ignite, or start, an portable car battery igniter, is a must have tool, it like a power bank with cables with plus and minus, that you can ignite your car battery without anyone help, it can be charged with usb or just ac output depend on the igniter, and it really life saver and day saver worth every penny.


Lol most of your ideas ar the only way for hunting for me
I only have 20 spawns in my town

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@KingQ07 your appreciation just touching my heart I am melting… but aw wait that because the heat sorry…


I just do the driving around one you spoke of like fishing the company I work for pays for gas so it never hurts lol

Go plus is amazing it’s awesome for areas where there is lots of stuff.

Yeah i wouldnt need a go +


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