PokemonGo PVP ideas

How will PVP be added?
I believe it will be just like trading. 100 meters distances, with friends most likely.

But how will the stage be? Can’t be a circle with one in centre like how gyms and raid are, since the one in the centre wont be able to dodge. I’m curious how PVP will be.

drop ideas.

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A square. Maybe ground floor, mountainous floor, ice floor

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Not what he means


Not the environment, but that are nice ideas for future PVP.


This is the whats stopping PVP…quicker this answered, quicker pvp comes.

And not for child accounts…

It’s gonna be hard for the people that can’t do PvP. But you can do it, right, @Kevin260709 when it comes out?

I have no idea how the stage will be, been thinking maybe a line like dodge ball but then battles would take forever and the mon specials wont work properly…


Hexagonal field

  • dodging moves you one tile around the foe
  • it has borders, so if you get ther you wont be able to dodge in one direction
    Thats my simple idea
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That would be very different. But they do need to make something to this extent. So everyone can dodge and attack.

The field wouldnt be visible,it would just determine where would your Pokemon move
The edge of the arena would be visible, so you would know when not to dodge to right or left

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Sorta like an actual field with multiple spots to move.

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My idea is a rectangle on each side. This rectangle consist of two squares. The Pokemon are facing each other. When you dodge, your Pokemon will move to the square to the right, then back again.


autobattle where you input commands in 10-fold beforehand.
Possible commands: attack, charged attack, dodge, switch out pokemon
Pvp then becomes a fast paced tactical rock paper scissor game, not just spam your best pokemon.

  • charged attack needs to be slightly reworked so you should know how many normal attacks are needed before you can use one. Input one before your charge bar is full, wasted a command.
  • dodge still needs to do ~25% damage to prevent mass dodging. But even now we get damage when dodging so nothing really new here.

Battling then still is tap and/or swipe but allows more tactics. Also, this is very close to normal game combat style.


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