PokemonGO Plus not connecting

Hi i have problem to connect my pokemon go plus with my devices
I bought it two weeks ago an original pogoplus and i match it with my huawei p20 device. It worked perfectly for 2 weeks then everytime i tried to match them it say it was impossible to connect (even if with the bluetooth setting the pogoglus was connected). I tried to reset the pogoplus, to reinstall the pokemon go plus, but nothing.
I tried to connect with other device (Zenphone 3) and it worked perfectly other two weeks, but then it happened again the same problem. I wrote to the support, but the it is not so helpful
Does someone can help me?

It is known, also by Niantic. It’s on their support page.

The only known solution is to roll back to an old version. With a lower version number then 0.157.0.

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Yesterday the latest gameversion got forced. Rolling back to an earlier version is not an option anymore.

Digging through Reddit I found the following solution:
Download the APK from the site below or if you have a Samsung from the store. Don’t know if it will be a fix for everyone, but some people mentioned that it worked for them.

Possible fix for gotcha/go plus issue.

The APK mirror site

it didn’t work on my asus zenfone. Thanks anyway

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