Pokemon with 2 charge moves

I have been thinking about the implementation of pvp, and have realized that there are a number of pokemon who would benefit from knowing 2 charged moves. Here we can post the pokemon and those moves that would be extremely beneficial.

  1. Legacy Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and psychic

Groudon: Solar Beam (Would kill water fighters that would normally be used against him)
Earthquake: His highest dps move and the move you would use against common attackers like, Raikou, Jolteon, Flareon


I would prefer Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Ice Beam


Did… Did you just suggest to use EQ against Zard…? ._.

Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Focus Blast looks obvious, BoltBeam might be a fun thing to play with
Moltres with both SA and Overheat is interesting
Kyogre’s Blizzard lets it overcome stuff like Dragonite or Rayquaza
Dragon types gain almost nothing from this, however

Moltres?Moltres is flying…

Lmao missed that one as well

Me too, if I had one with SB T-T

What is T-T???

A crying face

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Togekiss would definitely benefit from knowing Dazzling Gleam and Aerial Ace, especially against some future Legendaries in Gen 5.

Gyarados could do quite well with Outrage alongside Hydro Pump.

Gengar could probably get away with using Focus Blast to counter Normal Types in Gyms.

I’ll see if I can find more.

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Kyogre still does Gyarados better than Gyarados
Togekiss’ dual moves would be kinda cool, but its low attack and bad moves make him useless even with that
Gengar is a decent option tbh

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This isn’t a contest on who does better, but establishing versatility. Most people aren’t going to have full teams of Kyogre, and may balk at spending 100,000 Stardust on the possibility of Blizzard. 10,000 Stardust for Outrage is a lot more stomachable.

Togekiss doesn’t have low attack. It has 225 attack which is very good, and with a solid defense, it’s TDO in almost any category (except against Metagross) makes it viable.

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For those that can engage in the PvP and have Pokemon with Duel Charge Moves.
How exactly does this duel Charge Move work?
Does it rotate through the Moves, one then the other or doe you get to select which one you want to use?
I ask as it’s another thing I have to miss out on (the list just keeps growing)

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You can use both. It doesn’t rotate out as both options are at the bottom of the screen in any format. Here’s a video I have of me trying it out. While I didn’t get to use it myself, you can see that both moves are charging up and I have the option of using either one:

What we still don’t know is how it works for Gym Defenders that know two Charged Moves.

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Guys, keep in mind that it is infinitely easier to re roll a move now that you can have one move locked in and toggle between the other 2…that way you only have to waste 1 tm to get something you need

Apparently you don’t have to engage in a pvp battle at least once to be able to change…which means you can possibly have several teams with double moves before you even start

That is extremely helpful. When my Gyarados learned Crunch as its second move, I was quite annoyed, but getting a Charged TM later helped fix that quickly. This is absolutely fantastic.

I just gave a few of my Gyradoses a 2nd charged move.

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And how has that worked so far?

Its just sad that we cant give them to our best Pokemon without paying a ridiculous price