Pokemon theories

Post your theories about Pokemon here, and If you like, comment and add “proof” to reactions/theories.

Gary = zoroark

In the Pokemon series, Gary had a car full of girls accompanying him until he lost at the Pokémon league in that season. He was an unknown trainer at the beginning and had a car full of girls then. Why?

Gary was once a zorua, and his sister daisy always took care of him, so he evolved at one moment.

The signature ability of zorua and sororal is “illusion”.
Ash never ages In the serie. What if everything he “experiences” actually is an illusion, trying to protect ash from harm?

What do you think about this?

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Which came first, the Arceus or the Mew?


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Bulbasaur was first Pokemon. That is why he is #1.

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Rhydon is the first ever designed

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Don’t even get me STARTED on all the theories I have researched about the Pokémon world lol. I would have to write a book to cover everything I know!

Professor willow lied? To ME?


Congrats for being a Regular now btw.

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There are no multi-celled organisms in this universe aside from humans and Pokemon, right? So in the anime, when Ash is eating, he is eating some poor Pokemon. Does anyone else realize that? Does he wonder, "Oh, is this Pidgeot wing? It’s delicious!"
How do Pokemon lovers handle that? There must be some vegans, huh? What if Ash, when he sits down, is eating some other unfortunate Pikachu?

Plants as well.
Perhaps they are eating fake soy bean beef and stuff. I hope not, but i do hope that there are farms for Pokemon food industry. But in the anime, 1st season, you know they eat Pokémon because James is daydreaming about eating a big tasty magikarp

JUST remembered plants.
But that Magikarp didn’t taste very good anyway

There are also times in the anime where non-Pokémon animals appear, I know of a worm and multiple fish.

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