Pokemon that i think should have gotten extra moves

This is my list of Pokemon that should have gotten a move added to their movepool, when certain Pokemon got an extra move, so here we go.

Espeon: Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball. Reason: Espeon has been stuck with of moveset that is all Psychic type (except last resort) so Shadow Ball might have help it get some type coverage and Psycho Cut would make it a bit better, since ZH is kinda bad, and Confusion is good, just slow.

Flareon: Solar Beam. Reason: same as Espeon, just type coverage.

Vaporeon: Dragon Tail, Thunderbolt. Reason: Dragon Tail is for neutral damage towards its weaknesses, Thunderbolt is for fighting other Water types.

Charizard: Dragon Breath/Tail, Sky Attack. Reason: Sky Attack is for making it a better Flying type attacker, the Dragon type fast moves is for making it a better dragon type attacker.

Hitmonchan: Dynamic Punch. Reason: Hitmonchan is quite a decent Pokemon, and DP will make it a way better fighting type attacker.

Venusaur: Poison Jab. Reason: Its moveset is mostly based around the Grass typing, and this will make it a better poison type attacker.

Gengar: Acid. Reason: same as Venusaur, i want it to be a better Poison type attacker.

Add any Pokemon and the moves you want added to their movepool down below, cya!

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Espeon doesn’t learn psycho cut
Flareon doesn’t learn solar beam
Vaporeon doesn’t get dragon tail and thunderbolt
Charizard doesn’t get sky attack
Hitmonchan doesn’t get dynamic punch in gen 6 or 7 but it can get it in earlier gens
Venusaur doesn’t get poison jab
Gengar doesn’t get acid

Your analysis is ok, but you should be careful about picking moves, because you chose moves that pokemon don’t get. Here is a website where tou can find moves that pokemon can get: https://dex.pokemonshowdown.com/

Waht @darksylveon1 said. I get my moves from Bulbapedia though.

It’s fun to hypothesize what moves certain Pokemon can get, isn’t it? I do it all the time, and plan to do the same once I get my Gen 5 recording done.

Here’s what I did for Gen 4, although you’ll find me dismissive of Cresselia and the Lake Trio due to them having the same type.

I made guesses on each Legendary movesets as well as made guesses on Gen 4 counters for each Legendary. This was before the gamemaster file revealed the movesets for each Pokemon. You can see that I was definitely wrong on many move choices, but it was still fun to do. In the future, I definitely stay away from hypothetical moves, and you can see that I revisited this in another video:


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