Pokemon storage

Any thoughts as to the possibility that Niantic will increase the limits of the Pokemon bag? with all the new stuff it is hard for collection of certain ones.

This is not likely to happen. Instead, Niantic may offer 50% discount of bag expansion during Thanksgiving event. (For gen 3)

If you are in the Maximum expansion, this doesn’t help in no way

I noticed Max Inventory went up from 1000 to 1500 after Gen 2 came out. I don’t recall specifically what Pokémon storage max was before Gen 2, but now it’s 1000. I am guessing you’ll see another 500 increase on inventory, and maybe 250 on Pokémon. Just my guess.

Pretty certain it was 1,000 & stayed that way. I’ve been culling from 1,000 & am down to 725. May have to cull some 91%+ mons soon… :confounded:

Wish they had 1500. I have been saving candy for a mass evolve during a double event. Got 5300 Pidgey candies. And the list goes on. Did a quick check a week ago on how much I could evolve and I ended up on 880 mons in total.

Hihihi, that’s exactly the problem. We have accumulated so much candies, that there is no way to have the mon’s to evolve and cost them.

Exactly! But I don’t know why they haven’t expanded on it. Coins=money. Id probably buy coins to max it out again.

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