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Confused about the whole sticker thing. I receive a gift with a sticker attached (picture shown below)
However, instead of getting the large pikachu attached to the gift (which I want) I don’t get a sticker or get something else.

I may be understand it wrong though, I guess stickers could be random and attaching stickers doesn’t give someone a sticker???
I would still like further clarification though. Thank you!

Some stickers are only available from the shop. That sticker is a shop sticker

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The sticker attached to the gift you receive does not mean you then get that sticker. They are 100% pointless.


Stickers are even so pointless that they take up an item slot when you open a gift. So i just dont ever send them, cause when youre “storage” of the is full (25 max each) you dont get them anymore when opening gifts.


I do like the stickers, however, I think that all those stickers should be in a dedicated item slot, such as a “sticker book” or something like that, so that in total they will only occupy 1 slot

Do they take up item space? I didn’t think they did but if they do then that is very crappy!

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No they dont. Just the 1 slot from the gift you get them out.


Well, then I am either misinformed, or I have read something wrong, or both lol

Oh so I can’t get it unless I spend? That’s so stupid…
(Edit: added “unless I spend”)

The sticker attached to the gift you received is coming from the sender, it does not mean you will receive the same sticker from opening that gift. Sticker from opening the gift is all random, you would receive sticker from some gifts, but not others. Stickers received from gifts do not count towards bag space so far.

So far these stickers are purely cosmetic purpose


It isn’t that expensive poke coins wise, but i rather spend it on an ultra box

We have no control over whether a gift contains a sticker (which takes an item slot in the gift), any more than we have a choice what items are in the gift. Those that are in gifts we receive are the stickers that we can affix to outgoing gifts. (As are the ones we buy in the shop.)

Does affixing a sticker to a gift take an item space? Maybe. I don’t know. But how can we know without seeing the code? Some gifts have 5 or 6 items when opened. Some have 20 Pokéballs plus other stuff. Some only have stardust. The item count varies widely, with or without counting stickers (whether in the gift or on the gift).

The stickers we receive don’t seem to take item space in our bag. Do the ones we buy take up item space? (I’ve never bought one, and I won’t even as a test.)

After reading a few items about gifts and stickers on Reddit and Silph Road, I see players have figured out a few things about the related internal workings. For example, gifts have 3 slots, each of which can have a limited range of items (like 5 regular balls, 100 stardust, 1 ultra ball, or some number of stickers. If your bag has maxed out the sticker count and the random number generator spins ‘sticker’ for a gift slot, then that slot will be empty when the gift is opened.

It had been the case that a gift could have spun ‘sticker’ 3 times, and if the recipient is maxed out on all stickers, the resulting gift will open EMPTY. I don’t know if that is still the case; but the threat of that happening is the only thing that persuaded me to start using stickers. I don’t want to use them, though, so I’m currently resenting the hell out of Niantic for forcing us to use them.

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Let’s see, if this investigation is correct, then there is no reason to use the stickers, because nothing changes.

a) you are maxed out on stickers, the slots which would give you stickers will be empty.
b) you are not maxed out on stickers, then the slots may give you stickers.

So, being maxed out or not, doesn’t give you a different amount of gifts.

I would choose a), at least this way your not bothered anymore with receiving stickers.


Well, if they really have 3 slots all the time then yeah i guess im losing stuff. Some not sure about most gifts but the ones with
1 potion and 1 max revive
1 ultra ball and 1 super potion
1 potion and 1 max revive
really do seem like they miss a slot there.
Didnt see a 0 or 1 items gift in my journal after opening 30 gifts (and all 30 do show up in the journal).

But im with @bagguille on this one. If the choice is get nothing or get a sticker, id rather get nothing and not spend time on sending stickers.


Good point. :+1::+1:

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