Pokemon Stats

I’m new to the whole PVP Pokemon battling thing so I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance.
I was reading a post on Reddit some guys on there wanted their Pokemon stats to be 0/15/15 instead of 15/15/15 what am I missing here?


@Necrozmadabest I think you can explain this best

You see, people usually talk about Great and Ultra league when they mention PvP, and these have a CP cap (1500 and 2500 respectively)

The CP formula basically calculates with attack but square roots of defense and HP, meaning attack has a much higher impact on the overal CP, so a 14/15/15 will generally have a higher CP than a 15/14/15 Mon

This means that raising attack gives you more CP than raising defense, and is therefore detrimental in PvP, where you need to keep your CP low with high overal stats, even if it comes at the cost of a bit of attack

Therefore, for Pokémon that max out above the limits, their ideal IVs will usually look like 0/15/14, 4/15/15 or the like, because low attack IV means you can increase the HP and defense more and get an overall stronger Pokémon

This doesn’t apply to Mons that max out under the CP threshold, like Medicham or Registeel (UL), since these can afford to go with perfect IVs (as you dont reach the cap anyway, some of these change now with level 40+ but then again, you cant use them rn anyway)

Also, low attack means that you can lose in mirror matches (between the same species, like Azumarill vs Azumarill) because of the Charge Move Priority, which dictates that in the scenario where both Pokémon use the charge move at the same time, the one with higher attack goes first

Winning mirror matches is usually not worth getting overall worse stats, so most.players just ignore that part

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Thank you for explaining that, in my ignorance I have done exactly the opposite.
I will have to modify my approach in the future thanks once again.

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Keep in mind that you don’t need the perfect IV Pokémon in PvP either, a “good” one will do just fine (say, about 90%)
Use PokéGenie to see their percentages for PvP leagues, I believe they compare the stat products and rank them (so a 90% in GL means it’s better than 90% of IV combinations in terms of pure stat product)