Pokemon spotlight hour

Seeing how I can only find one Pokemon per hour, does anyone know what the pokemon is featured for the spotlight surprise?

It was Onix.

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Thanks just wanted to see if I missed out. No Onix for me but I’m finally seeing snow in the game.

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The much disappointing Numel did not fail to disappoint.
This has been my 3rd one at work so it’s GoPlus only while I walk around the Factory with an incense on.
There was less spawns than previous ones like the boost button was not pressed.
The flee rate on the GoPlus was that of Starters.
It was an epic fail hour.

The screen shots are consistent with what it was like for the hour.

I captured just 6 numel lol

I’ve got places to be if the numel can’t be shiny xD

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Numel’s not meta relevant, so no tears shed here over the poor spawn rate (without using incense, I saw only 7). Using the dead time to adjust my Zekrom attack teams and have some dinner before what I hope will be a good evening of raids.

Edit: up to 10. As @Brobraam noted, Numel can’t be shiny. But some were Ditto. :roll_eyes:

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