Pokémon spawn error?

Not really sure what to title this but basically, I’m
Only seeing about 3 different Pokémon anywhere I go… I live near a large city in a rural town. In my town I only seen constant Arons, Ponyta and sometimes Paras for some reason :skull:. Same thing for when I go into the city. Idk if my event is broken or what but I play in a group with friends. They’re getting all different types of Pokémon’s anything from Kabutos to Charmanders. But I only see Arons. I haven’t seen one Kabuto all event… (aside from raids) can someone explain please?

You could be shadowbanned if you can’t see the Pokémon your friends see. If you’re shadowbanned I believe you can only see common Pokémon.

How do you get shadow banned? And how long does it last

I’m not really sure since it’s never happened to me but I think it can be caused by account sharing or stuff like that, I think it lasts for a few weeks

I had it for no reason on charmander cd could only sea charmander incensed and lured st times I emailed niantic however that worked for once

Theres alot of reasons why you could get shadowbanned. 2 that i can think of right now are traveling from spot A to spot B to fast and using IV scanners wich require you to log in (or any other service that uses your log in).
Perhaps spoofing aswell. Not sure how they are handling that atm.

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I have the same problem. I never see event Pokémon until we’re atleast half way into the event, but if you drop an incense, it should work out for you.

I’m in a rural area…strictly water types…pretty much same issues…unfortunately where I’m from …LAKE OKEECHOBEE…FL…THERE IS NOTHING BUT WATER…and as far as stops and getting there too fast…the spots are located close…go in town to the Vets park…theres 5 stops you can get from sitting in one spot…now I’m curious if what you are saying is why I cant find many different pokemon…interesting…

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