Pokémon Press Conference


That’s all I need is Game Freak telling me I sleep like a Snorlax.

Cant wait for Pokemon Masters!

I have to admit, this was far more substantial than I thought. I’m intrigued by Pokemon Sleep, although I’m a little worried that it will be its own thing and won’t have true interaction with Pokemon GO outside of it sharing a peripheral.

THEN AGAIN!! I just realized something. There was something called the Dream World in Pokemon Black and White. Could this be the return of that?!

No idea how will Go++ integrate with Go in sleeping

An article I read said that Pokemon Go will be introducing something called “Rest” into the game. No idea what that does yet, but it apparently will have something to do with Pokemon Sleep. I’m curious about what we could gain from using Sleep in conjunction with Go.

Also: I agree with @Necrozmadabest . Can’t wait for Masters! :smiley:

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Maybe small rewards like certain items? I’d imagine it be similar to adventure sync, except for walking and measuring distance, it’s sleep and measuring how long you sleep for

I mean - yes, but then again, why would a game made about walking around and catching Pokemon reward you for sleeping

Well I’m assuming it all has to do with being healthy, one of the (minor) aspects of PoGo. I mean adventure sync rewarded you for walking a lot, i mean in all honesty you don’t need to walk around a lot to play this game.

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