Pokemon Percentage range 0-100% in Calcy IV

Calcy IV show some of my pokemon as 0-100%. It’s attack and defence ranges from 0 to 15.

I wonder if there is any use for this pokemon, or is it just for collectors as it’s useless in battle?

This happens when the Pokemon is in level 1 and has 10 CP. He’s so low, like a baby, so Calcy can’t know how he will evolve.
Or throw the pokemon to the profesor for a candy, or put some candies and dust to see what happens… :grinning:

Did a few power ups. It changed to something like 40-74%, then xx-70%, I gave up on it and tranferred it to the professor. -.-

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It seems that attack / defence ranges changes as you power it up. Is this alway like this , that it becomes lower and lower?

The range can never change.

First, go to what I circled. Tap it.
Then, it will ask you what it says when you appraise the pokemon. So apprasise it, and fill it out, or select record, and it will record it for you.

When finished filling out what the appraisal says, press save, and the IV range (or percent) will be narrowed.

@Thorend issue is fixed.

It doesnt change. Calcy just gets a better idea of what it is cause more options are being eliminated.
But you shouldnt waste stardust on finding it out like that. If you have a possible 100%, appraise it ingame.
If your teamleader gives you all the best lines, then you know its 100%.

I got a 100% Scyther on PokeGenie but when I trade it, it becomes less than 100%. Is it really this way always? So it means I should not trade Good IVs pokemons and just keep it instead although I already have multiples of them?

I have also tried trading not so good ones, like having decent or strong stats (I am Valor) and luckily some becomes a Lucky Pokemon with Amazing appraisal, though I have not check them yet with Poke Genie if they could hit 100% IVs…

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Thank you all for the answers. I understand now.

Whenever you trade a Pokemon over to someone it rerolls the IVs with a range depending on friendship lvl from 1-15 to 5-15


Luckies are 12/12/12 or better which means 80 % or better

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And what is 12/12/12 again if you may? I think I have read it somewhere in this forum but forgot the corresponding stats… 15/15/15 is the max perfect score?

And what is better IV Calculator, I have only used PokeGenie as I thought their visual way of logging things is not intrusive to PoGo and therefore less chance of getting penalized whatsoever. Also I already learned the basic usage of it.

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12 attack, 12 defense, 12 hp…

Calcy IV is the best.

Even more, try tapping and holding the red button

might try it some other time…

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