Pokemon party healing

Need a tab where the pokemon in your parties get priority so you can heal them quickly.

Ever get knocked out of raid and gotta switch your perfect team cause it will take to much time to heal your team???

Well with Party healing tab you can see your created party and easily access the pokemon to heal them.

Instead of scrolling and finding each one individually you will see the party and can heal them each then go back to the battle asap.


With Battle parties you can now heal more efficiently or already have your 2nd team pre selected depending on your needs, seems similar to what your suggesting.

It is. Your made party is what im saying will be healed. When your Battle Party is defeated BUT you want to use the same Party to heal them you ‚Äúcurrently‚ÄĚ gotta find each individually.

The idea is to have the Battle Party tab in the recive section so you can heal that ‚Äúspecific‚ÄĚ party

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