Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon Rescue Requests!

I know this is not po: GO related(which is why I posted this in lavender town lol), but I’m having trouble finding mystery dungeon: explorers of time/darkness/sky players to rescue my team. They shut down the wi-fi thing for older DS games, but you can still use passwords, unique codes you can send another player that let you rescue other teams that have fallen in dungeons without wifi! So if anyone has these games, please post your rescue codes here! Thank you!

As an example of what one of these codes looks like, here is my current password (rescue me if you can!)


EDIT: I had to just give up on that dungeon, unfortunately… :frowning: Be sure to post your rescue codes, though, so we can try to rescue each other!

Hi! I’m a little late to the discussion, but if you’re still into this… I’m in need of a rescue.
The location is Mt. Avalanche, 12F I believe. The place is like level 50, full of ice and water types (if you don’t remember).

Password is as follows:
0WN&NH 42C2PY &&130K

Hope you see this soon.