Pokemon Move set Damage Numbers not Visible - HELP

For about the past week my Pokemon have not been showing how much damage there charged attacks do when you click on the Pokemon. I have looked all over the internet for explanation but found nothing. If you know please help.
Here are examples:

Tried reinstalling?

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Send an email to Niantic support with pictures

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I have this problem as well, since the qr scan for friends update

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It isnt a problem cus the numbers had no use :man_shrugging:

Just noticed mine dont show neither. :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

It’s a huge problem, because I am a serious pvper, and am constantly battling and conquering gyms. But newer Pokemon I could use I won’t know how there charged attacks will do without these numbers.

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Is it only water type pokemon, because that’s what the pictures indicate.

No, i cant see my mewtwo atks

The numbers didnt mean anything they just faked you

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The attack power doesnt really mean anything, DPS, EPS and Typing are much, much more important

No it’s every pokemon I own

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I have the same problem - iPhone 5s - all current versions of sfwr started a couple weeks ago

I have a iPhone 5s, so that must be the problem. Why does pokemon hate people without the newest gadgets.

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It does not. The software is not compatible with Pokemon go to experience it good enough, I think

You have like a year before pokemon go will cancel support of the 5s.

If thats the case i’m upgrading

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They killed the 5 so yes, they remove support of “bricked phones”

I play pokemon go on it, since 2016. They didn’t remove it

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You think you’re all that just because you have the latest Iphone, well i aint one of them girly girls who buy the lastest phone, then throw it away a month later when they come out with an S or +. I aint coughing up thousands of dollars