Pokemon, Mapman42, Brobraam, Mew1, Kevin_V_Hoften, Alex9945, KingQ07, Jormdeworm, S0PK, Lingyujie, and darksylveon1's Ideas to Improve Pokemon GO part 2!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Pokemon, Mapman42, Brobraam, Mew1, Kevin_V_Hoften, Alex9945, KingQ07, Jormdeworm, S0PK, Lingyujie, and darksylveon1’s Ideas to Improve Pokemon GO part 2! I will say every users ideas in order of how they are represented above. Enough of me talking, lets dive in to the good stuff!

@Pokemon :
My idea is a new “addition” to the quests, it will go in between Field and Special and it will be called Villians. In here you have many battle and villain related quests for different villains, starting with Team Rocket. Examples of quests are “catch 5 ekans” and give 20 pokemon to Giovanni. There is also cool battles, such as defeat Hunter Js Salamence with one Pokemon. The Salamence would be around 5000 cp and would be like a medium tier 2, but harder as You have to use one Pokemon. This would also be a great time to introduce double battles, so you could battle both Jessie and James at the same time.

I want more interactions with long distance friends, I want multiplayer storymodes that give coins and stardust as rewards when completed, and increase your friendship level every time you guys complete a part.

@Mapman42 :
1,Pokestop Submission
Niantic gives us one pokestop submission per 2 months per level. A level 40 player can submit 20 pokestops per month. A level 2 player can submit 1 per month. That’s my idea.
2. The ability to change our date of birth on the game if we get it wrong. I’ve heard this an annoying number of times.
3. A proper settings menu where we can change date format, unit type, language, etc. Right now it’s all dictated by language which means that people in places like Britain using English (UK) have to use the American date formats and imperial units, which are generally not used here, or even taught in schools here at all.
4. Readd training to friendly gyms. Maybe it regenerates HP.
5. We need Wepear and bluk berry
Also things like dusk ball, quick ball, heavy ball etc


  1. Gym Lures


  1. When playing the game, randomly a member of Team Rockets will challenge you into a 6v6 (or any number is fine) battle, their mons will be adjusted to your trainer’s and/or mons’ levels. By defeating them, you get XP, stardust, healing items, and more rarely TM (FTM or CTM) and Rare Candy. To make it more interesting, you don’t know what mons Team Rocket would use, random each time facing them.

This could be combined with my quest feature above ( I am Pokemon) so it is in the Villian Quest.

2.Another quality of life suggestion I could think of : right now, we could only see number of wins for a Pokémon when it is about starting a gym battle, can it be added to the Pokémon profile, similar to what we have the number of km walked as buddy shown on that Pokémon profile.

@Kevin260709 :
1.Niantic makes polls for Events and updates
Niantic could make polls for Events and updates.All Players would be able to vote.
The Second idea is PVP.Example how it could work:
Trainer 1:Venasaur,I choose you!
Trainer 2:Charizard,I choose you!
Trainer 1:Hold up,come back Venasaur!Blastiose,I choose you!
Trainer 2:Hold up,come back Charizard!Blastiose,I choose you!
And so on.
3.Pokéstop Submissions
Pokéstop Submissions would be good for Rural Players to get more Pokéstops.
Breeding would be very fun.I have no idea how they will bring this in the game,but it would be cool.
5.Gym Lure Module
A Gym Lure Module would be very fun and an intresting item.As your waiting for someone to come to the raid,you can put on a Gym Lure Module.
6.A Pokémon GO Chat
A Pokémon GO Chat would be very fun and an cool Improvement to the game.


  1. A colorblind mode would be good for people that are colorblind.


  1. Lucky pokemon in wild
  2. Trading/friends for everyone(not 13+)
  3. Message friends(13+)
  4. Iv ups
  5. Solo raids

With the quests released (almost) everyone is waiting for the next update! Here are some ideas from me.

  1. Friend system
    At the moment im writing this Pokémon GO has almost no social functions. So my idea was to make an ingame friend system.
    You can add friends to you friend list by typing there name in a search bar. Then that player will recieve a request wich can be accepted or denied.
    If you are conected to Facebook they will make a list of suggested friends.
    Ok i told some basic information about my ideas for the friend system but now comes the intresting part.
  2. What can you do with your friends?
    You can send them text messages and information from 1 of your pokemons. EXAMPLE: you just caught a 100iv magikarp and you want to show it to your friend. Then you can click on a button “send pokemon data to friend”. Then you need to select one of your pokemons.
    This will send: the cp of the pokemon, the apraisal of the pokemon, the moves of the pokemon and the most important: wich pokemon it is.
  3. You can also battle with your friends. You can select up to 6 pokemons. The battle style will just be the same as it is now with gym battles and raids.
    You can also trade with your friends, you just need to select your friend, press trade, and you can trade with your friends. There will be no restrictions on trading.
  4. Pokestop/gym beacons.
    They will kinda work the same as in Ingress. They come in 4 variants: Mystic, Valor, Instinct and a pokeball icon(for example if there is a rare pokemon there that isnt on nearby)
    You can place a maximum of 2 beacons on a pokestop/gym and you can see from who the beacon is. Beacons will last for 2 hours.
    You can obtain beacons by buying them for 50 PokeCoins, field research rewards and level ups.
  5. New special research quests.
    For obtaining the other Mythicals like and Jirachi.
  6. Also new types of tasks like: “Put a lure on a pokestop”, “Put {0} beacons on a pokestop/gym.” or “Battle with {0} differnt friends”.
  7. And maybe also total different tasks like “Use Celebi to go back in time and find what happended to Deoxys”.
  8. Pvp(tournaments)
    You can battle a random player 10 times a day(you can upgrade it with +1 battle a day more for 100 PokeCoins)
    You must select 6 pokemons and you will enter a standard Pokémon GO battle with that person. Pokémon GO will try to find players from the same level. If you defeat your oponent you will get 5 PokeCoins.
  9. You also have a win streak. If you win, 1 point will be added to your win streak, if you lose, your win streak will reset.
    Examples for rewards: for 10 consecutive wins: get 2 Super incubators.
  10. Trading
    You can trade unlimited times a day. You can do a link trade, you will tade with another random player. You can trade every pokemon you want. You also have s wonder trade, then you will choose a pokemon, and you will receive another random pokemon someone else selected.
    New items.
  11. IV up: you can use it on a pokemon that is not a 100iv. You can choose an stat that has not reached 15iv.
    Then it will add 1iv to that stat. There is 1/25 chance you will get an IV up from a completed raid. There is a 1/200 chance you get an IV up from a pokestop.
  12. Amulet coin: When you use this item on a pokemon you will get double coins if that pokemon is kicked out of a gym, so i can get 100 coins a day! This items effect will last forever. There is a 1/1000 chance you get it from a pokestop. There is a 1/100 chance you get one from a raid.
  13. Master ball: 100% catchrate on every pokemon, if you miss the pokemon you will get the pokeball back. You can get this pokeball only of you level up to level 40.(As level up reward)
  14. Quick ball: This ball has the same catchrate as a normal pokemon, but if its the first ball you throw, you will have double catchrate.

@Jormdeworm: Do you know this map?
Niantic should expand it.
What do I exactly mean?
For example:
There are 3 orange Rhydon heads above a gym badge on the map.
This means a Tier 3 raid is on going on that gym.
When there are 5 White Rhydon heads above the gym badge, it means there is a Tier 5 egg incubating.

If you tap on the badge, you will get the stats of the gym (who’s in, which team, when the raid starts, your activity [which already exists], etc.).
Also, the gym badge should have edges from the same color as the team which is in.

That was my idea.

I just came up with an idea for the gym coin system.
As we all know that it’s annoying when you’d have wait for the mon to be kicked out before gaining money, there should be a button in shop (like in previous system) where you could collect the money gained from that mon, except you would get only 50% of the current money gained. Also it could be used only once a day. This will help those rural players alot.


  1. 20km egg for 2 rare pokemon
  2. Nerf Blisseys Hp :crazy_face:

Add another way to get lucky Pokémon and alola Pokémon exclusive to 7k eggs

There should be a skip animation button that allows you to make things that are long due to animations shorter. Maybe also a setting to auto-skip animations?

And that concludes it :sleeping::money_mouth_face:! What are your thoughts?


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First idea was my favourite (although who in the world is Hunter J again?)

A Sinnoh Woman who hunts pokemon then sells them to the highest bidder. She flyes on a SALAMENCE!


idu why yall cant just post this separately, add poll and the poll would be able to determine each ideas worth.

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Exact reason i work alone🤷🏾‍♂️

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that weird i understand 1 egg per pokemon not 2.


Edit please

You seen a twin pokemon before? Niantic not reinventing the wheel.

Sinnoh? I dont rember her, was she from the anime?


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I dont know I am not the mastermind. Ask @coolguy761.

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Oh, that explains a lot

Yes, it does :star_struck:. She was so cool lol.

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