Pokemon Let's Go

Will you be getting? I am still deciding. I like the fact you can put your Go Mon into the game, but i have not played pokemon since Black2. Let’s Go is rather childish and the difficulty i heard is for beginners.

  • Yes getting
  • No skipping it
  • Waiting for next main series game
  • Sticking to PokemonGo

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My kids are looking forward to this on switch.


I am looking forward to this and the gen 8 game.

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If I had to spend money on it then no, I wouldn’t get it. That’s why I’m putting it down on my birthday/Christmas list

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smart man

When and if I get a Switch, I’ll probably play Zelda and Mario first. By the time I’m finished with them, gen. 8 games will be out, wihch I’ll be getting too. Then, after I’m finished with these, I’m getting Let’s Go.

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I dont have a switch but im going to play it with friends who do have a switch

BOTW is pretty fun, just don’t take a long break, cuz it’ll be hard to start playing again. Pokken tournament is fun as well.

Pokken tournement is awesome

I send a mixed message as I am undecided

Oooh buddy trust me,Scald at the second gym is nothing for beginners

I will try playing it…
if I get a switch.

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My son hasn’t touched his 3DS since he got a Switch last Christmas.



I havent touched my switch in months…but I have to balance my time among 4 systems when I’m not working, at school or just doing life in general

I almost always prefer BotW to Pokémon games now tbh

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If I have enough money I may get myself a 2DS
My birthday party was yesterday
I have $123 in my wallet
So I get a 2DS and I will get Pokémon Moon

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Why dont you save for the switch? I’m sure it will go down in price soon?

No, it won’t, for one
Two, my parents may be buying us one for Christmas

I would just save it for games. Or extra switch controllers. But that’s just me