Pokemon in gyms

I’ve been patiently waiting for my Pokemon to come back from the gyms I’ve placed them in and often have to wait a week or more for them to come home. Does anyone else else have to wait like this?

well, i had a chansey in a gym for 92 days straight…

but your pokemon will only return whenever someone of another team is battling the gym, and kicks out your pokemon.

I would think that’s fairly normal to get some like that.

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my current record is 59 days nonstop in 1 gym, only to have fallen over a week ago sadly.
With the old gym system my record is over 3 months.

This is one of the reasons i have multiple gyms each day. You don’t know if and which ones will fall to collect your coins, so every day i have around 10 gyms. Some can stick for days/weeks and some fall the same day. Right now i have 6 and still no coins for today, but it’s only 2.40PM so no worries here.

those 3-4 days are nothing to worry about. Just take more gyms for daily coins. And don’t put strong pokemon in them if you don’t wanna miss them for so long.

The thing is these are my weak Pokemon and the longest I’ve had one sit it three to four weeks so far. I try to pick locations where they would be knocked out quickly but it’s become stagnant where they are.

Would it be possible for Niantic to keep the gym system where players can only enter one Pokemon per gym while like in the old gym system all the defenders who added Pokemon get the defender’s bonus?

it would be possible, but i dont think niantic would do that. Pokécoins should be kind of a reward, although it may be tedious to berry your pokemon until it has lasted 8h20m and hoping that it gets kicked out.

It’s still an absolute pain when you can’t travel to go out and look for gyms daily. Gyms are non existent near where I live. Have to go to town to find one.

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