Pokémon I don't need

Ok so as its the " event " where theres loads of earth, and water types (?) I have loads of the same pokemon such as rhyhorn, poliwag etc.
I only need one of each, so what do i do with the ones i dont need ?

WGG, Water, Ground, Grass.
But you can always transfer them.


But to be honest you can better wait with it and evolve lots of them.

thanks :smiley:
So one last question about stardust, do you collect it like money and spend it on the pokemon to power it up and evolve it ? So surely its best to collect lots of stardust and make the strong pokemon even stronger rather than wasting it and powering up the weak ones ?

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Maybe someone can make a beginners guide for you?

Ive pretty much got the hang of it now, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about harder stuff like iv’s and that stuff you can always ask me!

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What level are you now and what are your best pokemons?

You can earn Stardust from catching Pokémon or completing raids.
If you catch weather boosted Pokémon, you can earn more Stardust. A Pokémon with a blue circle means a weather boosted mon.
If you use a Star Piece, you get 50% more.

If you want to know more, let me know. I’ll help you😉

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We are ready to help @simmy

I have nearly reached level 12
Here are my Pokemon

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I have only been playing 4 days.

I just collected two candies for fearow but I still cannot level up ? Do i need to collect one more, right ?

Maybe start calculating ivs?
Start by installing
Android: calcyIV
Iphone: pokegenie
There you can find a import screeenshot button. Make a screenshot from the pokemon you want to scan, the you will find the average iv.
There is also a button where you can import the apraisal.
You can find that bu pressing the menu button at the left bottom corner while looking at your pokemon.
Then your team leader will give you sole hints, insert them in the apraisal sectiom in your app and voila, you have the iv.
Try not to power up any pokemons under 60 iv.

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Sorry for my grammer/ spelling mistakes

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Thanks i may do that later.
I just leveled up to 12 and got 20 " Great Balls ", any tips on when to use these ?

Rare and strong pokemons.

I can try to make a list of pokemons that DONT need a great ball bit then i first need to know what kinda biome u live.

Thanks !
I don’t know what you mean by " biome " sorry

Like live in a place with water or desert like or forest

Roads, water and bushes