Pokemon Home/Pokemon center

I have a Pokemon go idea
So this is how it works, you mark a location as a house then you can do lots of things like play with your Pokemon (and we can discuss what other things we can do later) and there are places called Pokemon center which are interesting real life places where you can do the same things except with other people
Share your thoughts about my idea!


I will say it’s a good idea

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I have got more ideas now
So in Pokemon center I walk in
and trainer3 walk in also
I cannot see them because we are in the lobby
In lobby we can breed!
You leave 2 Pokemon there
for example I leave Lapras and venusaur (1male other female)
It becomes a random one of the 2
Then I walk in to the battle field
trainer1,2,3 and are there
I battle Trainer1 in double battle we each use 2 Pokemon at once
Then me and Trainer2 battle trainer3 and Trainer4 (2 teams of 2 people)
And you can also get food for your Pokemon there