Pokemon Go world tourism day event announced

You know, this subject and with it this event had had such huge potential… And it got wasted…

Hatching eggs in order to get the regionals we get in the wild anyways? Why should I do that?
Yeah, I’m in Europe I might be going for Mime Jr,. but I won’t be spending money on incubators just again…

They could have shuffled all regionals around, only for this one week… Europe would get… dunno Heracross… whereas South America could have gotten Pachirisu… Australia maybe Mr. Mime… You get the idea. Or if that would have been too much, maybe only switch all those east/west Pokémon (Zangoose/Seviper, Shellos, Illumise/Volbeat,…)
All those Pokémon would have been “on vacation” and “tourists” where they’d appear. Not too far off of the event subject, right?

I really hope that Mr. Mime stays in the wild and stays available in shiny…
(I never thought I’d ever say that :grin:)

Ok… Let’s look on the bright side: we finally know how they are handling Mime Jr…


The masses are unhappy with the last egg event and now they roll this poorly thought out one on the back of it.
The only thing that might make them realise they’ve stuffed it up will be if the masses vote with their $ by not purchasing boxes and incubators.
If sales are still to what they deem acceptable they will see their decision as a success.

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Let’s wait with final conclusions until it arrived. Niantic seems to listen a little more lately so how knows what they come up with. You never know.

But I do agree, for now it looks like the same old with a different jacket.

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Are there players out there who actually wanted this? The regionals in my area (except Heatmor so far) are so hyper common. Why on Earth would I have any interest in hatching them as well? I’d rather shoot for Unova Pokemon in my 5K eggs, which will now be far less common.


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Can you provide an example?

Its an event for world tourism day, so the way its setup kinda makes sense for the name. For everyone whose not a tourist the event kinda sucks.

In the beginning, even as late as last year Niantic did not even listen a bit. Now they even acknowledge their failures(sometimes). And compensate for that(sadly not enough, but it is something I guess).

(But their “customer service” is still rude with standard reply forms…)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fanboy of Niantic, but I do try to look for the good and not only the bad.

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i really like your idea of regional pokemon being tourists in other regions.

Perhaps we get a shift in regionals tonight with zangoose / seviper, but i doubt it.
This event most likely be another and even bigger fail then the ultra bonus egg event.
Like seriously? there are already 65 pokemon in 5km eggs. You want me to spend money on incubators to get my shiny Mime Jr? Hell no. I have more chance of winning the lottery.

Gief touristing regionals, that idea rocks.


Isn’t it time for an equinox event?

Edit: Even Reddit is silent about this. Strangely.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the equinox event 2 times a year? Nothing so far, but it is never to late.

yeah youre right, should have been 23th of September according to wikipedia. Pokemon GO hasnt been to consistent with this though.
Weve had a fall equinox in 2017 and a spring equinox in 2019.

And we were still on the last day of the ultra bonus on this years fall equinox and now 3 days later the tourism day event. So not much time for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where most of us seem to be disappointed, I’m rather curious to see what’s going to happen with the Field Researches. Will we see regional Field Researches for the first time ever? And what will we get as rewards? Does it also mean that the regionals will be boosted in the wild? I personally think the answer on my last question is “yes.”


This is a really good theme to match what the event should be, those regionals “travel” to the other parts of the world during this event.

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Serviper is boosted like never seen before

OK, now we know the field research tasks, which are…
I don’t know.
It’s great to be able to get the regional of the other side of the world (Seviper for me, although I already have that from the time before they switched, and gettings the shiny is almost impossible I guess).
But doing a 10k km trade is a hard task. I do have some in-game friends from Australia that occasionally send gifts, but USA or Canada (which I have more that are also more active) are not far enough!
I think 1k km would have been enough…

Making new friend for Nosepass - ok, for those who are looking for a good one… I don’t care, I delete that right away. I get the theme with Easter Island and tourism though.

And sending 25 gifts for a Lapras is nice for those still hunting the shiny. It takes some effort, but it’s not impossible.

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Niantic really should announce these events at least a week before they are actually happening, and they should just tell us what to expect. Most of us probably have already transfered or traded the Pokémon from far away.


I’m not a fan of the 3 new field research tasks


Yeah, I had held out hope that those would make up for this a little … but, no …

Tried six of those Trade Pokémon caught from 10,000 km apart but it’s harder than I thought, especially since everyone I’m playing with rarely actually plays. Had to trade my best Alolan Grimer yesterday. :exploding_head:

Did you dump the Pokemon from my Japan gifts?
Japan is more than 10000km

I’m not sure, but I had already done a special trade so all I could trade was an Alolan Grimer or Vulpix.