Pokémon Go Vloggers on YouTube

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you like to watch any Pokémon Go Vlogs, on YouTube.
I absolutely love Ali A - as I find his enthusiasm inspires me to go out hunting. I’ve also learned a few things that I’ve found useful. He sometimes had his gf, Clare Siobhan, and their little dog Eevee with him too. I was telling my son about him, but of course, he already knew of him from C.O.D.
I would love to know of any other popular Vloggers people may follow.
Here is Ali A’s latest Vlog. https://youtu.be/Wc09XwRBVjk


Trainertips, Reversal, and Mystic7 and the ones I watch.


@DishTR thanks for replying, I will check them out :slight_smile:


Anytime, let me know what you think.


@DishTR, yes, they are pretty cool, likeable guys, I will watch more of their stuff. Interesting for me to see a bit of America too, as I’ve hardly travelled anywhere in the world, not even seen much of England, where I’m from either.
Just found this on YouTube too.

I’m gonna check these out as well. Especially the guy at No. 2, Lachlan, looks like he could be fun.

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I like Ali a, but now he only vlogs about pogo when something new happens in the game (update, event, etc). His bread and butter is COD.

I like mystic for the enthusiasm and trainer tips for game info…a couple less watched that I like are straight up knives and jt gilly.


trnrtips videos r amazing! The way he edit and the content, so recommended.


@HeracrossVille He has a CBBC TV show coming out soon, about doing up cars that need a new look, called “Ali A’s Superchargers”. He and his gf have lots of stuff going on, it’s a wonder they have any time to just chill.

I like Lachlan & mistic7. P.S. I also just started making Pokémon go vlogs😁

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I enjoy watching all of them, but also miss when Vikkstar, Josh and Simon used to hunt also. They were hilarious.

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Wow he has a tv show? That’s amazing that he managed to go from youtube to tv :open_mouth:


Add my boy Jay Kim as well as Big Daddy Red and ProPlanty to that mix as well.

Multi-talented Jay Kim lives in Tennessee right now who is witty and entertaining. Big Daddy Red is a father YTer that plays along with his wife and kids and ProPlanty with the epic beard plays with his gf? Chelsea (I think its his girlfriend) in Australia.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. :wink:

I just don’t like the fact that for instance muk had a bug move infestation and they are clueless I’m only lvl 38 and I know all moves and legacy moves I guess cause I have caught around 38 thousand Pokémon and evolved tons also if they are 88% and up maby I’m jealous of the new cars and such Pokémon go has paid for them they should at least know maby do some homework instead of do countless legendary raids to lvl up the easy way I like helping the team of trainers that were assembled I’m our little town most of all were under lvl 25 and I inspired them and showed them all the elements to learn and now they are lvl 30 A few of us at a unsponsored gym caught mewtwo was great got a 93% they like my free educated help lol!!! Anyways good for them business wise I’m not hating just would like to see good educational content !!

I watch @trnrtips I think that is how you spell the word.

I like Trainer Tips and Reversal, however for actual tips and game footage Poke AK is the man or Prodigies Nation.

I’ve watched the odd one here an there as I was sucked in by a title that had some interest at the time early on and each time I’ve come away thinking why did I bother as most of it was padded with rubbish.

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awwww they were the good old days of of pokemon go when the sidemen used to play:joy::joy:

pkmn master holy :grinning: trainer tips,reversal and mystic7

Trainer tips is my personal favourite, his video quality is great. I also like mystic7 and reversal. I watched lachlan back at launch, but not really anymore. I don’t watch his videos regularly, but prodegiesnation is also pretty good. StraightUpKnives doesn’t make vlogs, and hasn’t been very active recently, but I like his list videos.

Almost forgot Pokemon master holly! Her vids are great! Other than that, I’d recommend some of the smaller ones, I’ve heard of one called Jay Kim or something like that, he makes some pretty high quality videos. I think reversal made a list of smaller youtubers a few months ago, I’d check that out.