Pokémon Go Valentine Day Event 2019

Meh. I like a lot of what Niantic does, but there are times where I feel like they are a little out of touch with their fanbase. The extra candy is great, but …

… if all we’re really catching is Luvdisc, etc … the extra candy isn’t really all that useful, to be honest.

… it ALREADY feels like Smoochum, Cleffa, and Igglybuff have had an increased hatch rate. I’ve honestly gone stretches over the past few months where that was just about all that I hatched.

… does increased Luvdisc, Hoppip, and Clefairy excite that many people? Maybe if there were more shinies, but it’s a shiny that they already released (Luvdisc).

I don’t mean to seem unappreciative, but this feels uninspired and there surely was more that they could have come up with? I dunno. Just my opinion, but this doesn’t make me want to go out and hunt Pokemon. It’s just more unwanted Pokemon to flood us with, thus decreasing the chances of Pokemon that I actually want to try and find.

/end rant. lol


It’s still better than last year when it was just Luvdisc. At least they’re putting on more effort here, and plus it will enhance Community Day by having both 2x Candy and 3x Stardust. That’s a win in my books.

The hardest part will be the quest to hunt down the Make 5 Great Curveballs in a Row to get the new Spinda-form, even if it doesn’t register into the Pokedex just yet. I hope to get it and hold onto it long enough to get it entered.


Ehh this as a super low key event, if I get a shiny snubull or luvdisc then that’s great, the two times candy is nice to have just bc but I’m not going to be putting in extra hours playing just for this event.

That’s perfectly fine. I haven’t played any more per day whatever the event, so this isn’t going to change anything for me. Maybe I’ll get a Shiny Luvdisc this time. Didn’t get it last time.

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I put in like 6 extra hours for the last event, figured for this event I’d just go back to my normal hours lol

I caught a Chancey during event so far…

An event is still an event, not every event has equal greatness or usefulness in each trainer’s mind. Double catch candy on Swinub CD is pretty neat, 10 pinap catches with transfer will give enough candy for Mamoswine.

It appears Happiny is now in 7 km eggs, according to Silph Road.

You forgot about Spinda (I posted in the prediction thread):


Candy and Dust is all this event is to me.
I’m over the catch lots of stuff for no Shiny.
I think I’m fast nearing the point of if they are no good for use I don’t care and will start sending all including Shiny to the Professor.


Do NOT turn on your lures before 11:00 on your CD or else you will have blocked spawns for the enitre 3 hour event.

This is definitely going to be a problem at alot of places. Usually where im at the first 30 minutes we lose alot of spawns because of this…


Can you explain please? To me it sounds like the 6 hour lure event will be better then the 3 hour CD. But turning on the lures will block the Swinub spawns you should get during CD you mean?

If you turn on a lure BEFORE the hours of community day (so lets say at 10:50) it will not register the change in spawns that should happen at 11:00. So that lure will not spawn extra Swinub (if any at all). Normally this lasts 30 minutes, so in our case at 11:20 you slam a new lure onto it and youre good to go. But with the 6 hour lasting lures from valentines event its gone at 16:50. Hours after the CD ended, blocking that stop for the entire duration of the event.


Great explanation,thank you! I’ll also communicate this in my local community. Should be sad if you come for Swinub and are catching Hoppip and Clefairy for the whole event…

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I can see a lot of good catching grounds stuffed up for this one.
Think I’ll make my plan to for 2-3 different spots and scout them before the event.

2x candy but no dust bonus - makes it a disappointing event. That wouldn’t be a big deal, though, with the Swinub CD on its heels… except both events will be mostly rained-out here.

Time to spend an afternoon sorting through inventory and pruning low-quality mons, I guess.

Every event is a Candy and Dust event for me regardless of any multipliers.

Double candy events are always cool.

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Catching 20 Kiss fish for 12 (possibly 13) Chansey candy and 3 rare candy is so amazing!