Pokemon go update is live for Apple devices today

I went and checked the the apple store and it said that the app is updated on 21 June 2017. Link is below


I did the new update tonight. I’m now ready for the gyms to go live. I’m so psyched that the only Pokestop I can see from my house has become a gym. Also got 2 new Pokestops that I can see from my house. I have so many potions saved up from 2 days of no Gym Battles, that I barely have any room for Pokeballs.

There are a lot more gyms than there were. From where I work, I used to be able to see four gyms…now there are 11. I haven’t looked at other places yet.

^^^Lucky! From where I work, I was only able to see 1 Gym. Now I can see 2.