Pokemon go underwater(dream)

imagine the day where we will invent cars with ability to dive underwater ,with oxgyn filter from water ,and we will be able to travel underwater, to other countrys instand of flying or driving on road, i wander if we will be able play pokemon go underwater just like normal car drive we have today . what you thinking ? you think it will be possible in future play pokemon go underwater ?. :slight_smile:

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I guess if you have a waterproof phone…

the car will be sealed like submarine.

So I guess you would be able to

But Pokémon Go warns me not to play while driving!

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You’d get a lot of water types

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The only issue is getting signal underwater but if we’re talking when cars can go underwater for the masses I’m assuming this wouldn’t be a issue either aha. Though would be great and they could make a whole feature out of it. Shame the game will probably long dead before then but the Ar would be amazing especially with technology by then!!!

Maybe I could catch 400 Magikarp faster.


If there are earthquakes/ Tsunamis…
That’s a problem

we will have underwater tornedo but dw if we make the cars from good metal we will survive it :slight_smile: and just after it over keep traveling :wink:

@knowladgeseeker I really don’t get your point. Playing in the water? Lol you can’t find anything there. And when your ideas have come out, nobody plays Pokémon GO anymore. IF it ever will come out…

It would be cool though

jormdeworm shall i can you prophet jormdeworm :slight_smile: maybe you can see the future anyway g2g cu in a bit

Arnt nautral disasters a problem on land anyway?? At least hurricanes wouldn’t be as bad aha