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Pokemon go Unable to login

I did not even log out it says it on loading screen

It seems like you may be having internet problems.

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yes maybe

I’ve seen this issue alot lately. Most of the time this happens when some big part of the world wakes up or comes home. On weekday there are no problems, but Saturdays and mostly Sundays (eventdays) it seems Niantic doesn’t have enough capacity to handle the load.

It’s just my theory.

@Bait, is your problem still there?

Umm maybe, I don’t know. We will see tomorrow.

If login attempt fails. Shut down App and try again.
If that fails shut down App again and try again.
If your still having no luck, shut down ph and re-boot that.
Still no luck, sorry I’m all out of ideas as the following has always got me back into the game.

If it’s a phone carrier, internet provider none of the above will fix anything.


I keep getting this as well. Apparently Niantic needs to work on memory optimization and such, because the only way I can log back in is by force stopping Pokemon Go to clear the cache of faulty objects in memory:

Settings -> Apps -> Pokemon GO -> Force Stop

Even then, this sometimes fails, albeit rarely. They really need to fix this…I am running an LG X Venture. That’s a pretty new model, and I have no issues with other apps. It must be the PG app mishandling objects in memory or something. Unfortunately, LG has not implemented a way to quickly force stop apps so I am stuck going through cumbersome views and dialogs just to shut the app down, then restart to see if it worked.

I just had to uninstall the app and install it again. :neutral_face: I should have got the idea earlier.

Or you should have waited with deleting until there’s nobody with an idea left. :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

However, the game should have saved your progress.

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For those reluctant to reinstall their app to change their age, ( @NotanotherKangaskhan and @Kevin260709) @Bait here did it and lost nothing, like I said…:grin:

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I cant change it bc its a kid account like i said

Didn’t think that would work as the accounts are created in PTC, Pokemon Go access the info from PTC.
As per reply from PTC support, the age of a PTC account can not be altered.

I’ve been having a terrible time with this the past week. How do I know whether it’s a GO issue or a server issue?

Try this: "Failed to get game data from server" , New Ban Wave?

At least it tells you, if there are reasons from server-site

I started to get that. I finally went under APPS and into Pokemon Go, hit STOP, then cleared cache then cleared data and restarted the device. Finally worked.

Unfortunately, been having login issues ever since. I login fine one time, next time the progress bar hangs halfway and sometimes the ‘sign out’ button pops up. Only fix is to go into apps and again clear cache/data and relaunch the app, which also means re-entering the name/password.

I have this on 2 devices… and started after I stopped using my Google linked account. Niece is team blue, so I wanted to switch teams, so created a Pokemon Trainer Account and started a new character. It’s been non-stop login issues ever since. I even did a factory reset on both devices… 10min ago on my phone, I had to again clear cache/data.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Your stuck with this rubbish as long as your account is a PTC one. More bad news is it cant be changed over to a Google one.
My first bit of advice to anyone wanting to start playing the game DO NO CREATE A PTC ACCOUNT. Make a Google one and your game play will be more enjoyable without the frustration that being a PTC account holder provides.

Why do they make things more difficult than need be?

Plan was delete the Google account, wait a few weeks and rejoin, but apparently can’t even do that.

Should have an option where you can switch teams, but, make it either a one time only deal, or only once every 365 days. I made an account when the game came out and never played it again. Then my niece wanted to play but was a different team, and now stuck with this mess. :confounded:

Using a new google account should fix the problem. Unless you have so much invested in the one you have now that switching to a new login will come at too steep a cost.

Of course, switching your google account that’s configured into your phone sounds like a royal pain. But if it’s just a one-time deal (not an attempt to toggle repeatedly between two google logins) it might be worth it.

I have a Google acct linked to my hotmail, then created a GMail account and have a Google acct linked to that, that I never use.

Took a year to get to lvl17 for me, because barely touched the game, switched to a new account and got to lvl17 in under 2 weeks with my niece so, it’s a minor pain… but… if it solves the constant clear data/cache issues it’s worth it.

Noticed as well, a lot more game issues with connectivity and hanging and such, not sure if related? or coincidence… cell service here is lousy so could be either/or. But definitely more issues the past week with no internet messages and the spinning ball.

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