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Looks cool! The Dragon Unlock Week is rather an extra bonus when you have played GO Fest (unless Niantic is not boosting what the posters are showing, but that would be odd), so I’m glad I’m more or less missing that one and not one of the other two Unlock Weeks. I’m already saving my PokéCoins for Remote Raid Passes!

Which Unlock Week are you looking forward to the most?

  • Dragon
  • Enigma
  • Unova

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Will you be spending your remote or premium raid pass on raiding Unown U L T R A?

  • Yes
  • No

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I trully hope I get a shiny Gible, couldnt get one in the first day despite getting… This…

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The Shiny Unown is a prize in itself.

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Thought it’d be a lot more common shiny, Im glad Ive got it… But frankly, I’d trade all of these for a single shundo Gible

I got only 8 today, from top

Plus three new Dex entries: unown, rotom and heatmor
And lot of candies for togepi, tangela, litwick
It was long day but nice result :slight_smile:


Well i am beat.
Work from friday 22:30 till saturday 06:30. Get home at 07:30, sleep till 11:00, wake up from the neighbours and figure i could just get up and start my event day two and a half hours earlier then planned.
Then work again at 22:30 till 06:30 sunday morning and this time wake up at 12:00 to enjoy day 2.

Overall i had fun. Day 1 didnt have the ammount of shinies i expected (got 6) and day 2 wasnt much better (7) but atleast that had the research and alot of shadow encounters.
I think i got the most important shinies though (besides Gible) so thats ok, and still alot of trades to do to see if we get lucky there.
13/14/13 Shadow Mewtwo, not too bad. Birds a bit less.
Were pretty free here in The Netherlands with Covid rules coming down to “keep your distance in public” wich wasnt a problem in the park. So got some social interaction again with people i hadnt seen in a while aswell. Quite enjoyable.

Now luckily for me my vacation has started, so im gonna go sleep for 36 hours and then enjoy the free time and weather as far as Covid allows me to.

BTW - coming back to the GO Ultra Unlocks… did we get this? I thought there will be a big announcement about this just after first day - but haven’t seen anything…

Yeah, all 3.

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Same here. Alle 3 got good features. It’s pretty Ballanced.

I’m just a little more excited for the Gible / Deino feature of Dragon week than for the Roggenrola / Genesect of Unova week.

I will not be able to make much of the Dragon Week, but given Dratini, Swablu, Gible & Alolan Exeggutor were featured during GO Fest, Horsea is pretty common and Trapinch and Bagon have both had a Community Day (Dratini too), the only really interesting Pokémon is Deino (and Gible also), but that will not be spawning much, so I can’t really be bothered. It’s a cool bonus though, but I like the other two more.

For me it will be the first chance to fill dex enry for Deoxys and Rayquaza - everything else will be just a bonus :slight_smile:

Basically, each week I’ll be playing each event differently:

Dragon Week – focus on Rayquaza Raids–missing the Shiny–keep an eye out for Gible spawns if any. Ignore 7 km eggs due to having all hundos of them except Gible.

Enigma Week – less focus on Deoxys Raids, focus on spawns and 7 km hatches. Attempt to get L and T Unown raids.

Unova Week – All focus on all aspects of the event, including Genesect Raids, 7 km eggs and spawns.

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