Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn (Las Vegas and Global)

I figured that with the hype start to ramp up about the GO Tour, I figured this was a nice time to start the convos.

We’ve known for quite some time that this was coming, but obviously this is the first time there will be an in-person plus a global event. Also, there tends to be boosted Shinies for the event, on top of the release of all the Shinies for the entire region. Even more significant is that for this brief time, the regionals associated with this event are de-regionized and can be caught, usually from Raids. In the case of the Hoenn Tour, it seems that they will be exclusive to 10 km eggs–and thankfully the only ones hatching from 10 km eggs.

Normally, all the Pokemon would be available throughout the event, but curiously, the Regi Trio, the Eon Duo and Rayquaza seem absent from the Raid lineup. Kind of contrary to the mission of completing the Pokedex, unless Niantic just didn’t reveal the complete raid lineup (possible). Currently, only the four formes of Deoxys are listed in 5-star raids. No word on Mega Rayquaza, and will likely not appear until well after the event.

The biggest new feature will be the release of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, and according to an announcement made earlier today, Primal Reversion will work very similarly to Mega Evolution. You will not need to catch a Primal Groudon or a Primal Kyogre to obtain Primal Reversion, but you will need to take on the Primal Pokémon to earn Primal Energy sufficient times to do it at least once for your own Groudon or Kyogre of choice. After that, they will follow the rules of Mega Evolution (cool-down, levels, etc.)

Primal Groudon will boost the efficiency of Ground, Fire and Grass types in Raids and enhance catches for wild Pokémon of those types. Primal Groudon has a max CP of 5910, gains the Fire-typing, and also will learn Precipice Blades during this event as an exclusive move (130 Power Ground-type move in both formats.)

Primal Kyogre will boost the efficiency of Water, Electric and Bug types and enhance catches for wild Pokemon of those types. Primal Kyogre has a max CP of 5910 and also will learn Origin Pulse during this event as an exclusive move (130 Power Ground-type move in both formats.)

For those going to Las Vegas, you’ll be teaming up with the Team GO Rocket Admins to investigate some unusual phenomena, but can you trust them? For the Global event, Rhi will return to help you investigate the Red and Blue Orbs, the sources of Groudon’s and Kyogre’s ultimate power. Both quests will help you unlock the encounter for Shiny Jirachi.

Shiny Pokémon are usually the biggest draw to events like this, but there’s a disquieting notion that Shiny Odds for the global event may not be as significant as they were for the global regional tour events of yore (Kanto and Hoenn). The Global Tour site does not mention boosted odds, so it may not have them. I for one will be at the Las Vegas Tour as well as doing the Global Tour the next weekend, so I’m going to use that opportunity to compare.

There’s a lot going on and more to be added on later, but what are your thoughts?

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I doubt it will. Bad choice on their part but it’s Niantic.

Can’t say I’m hyped at all, mainly because of the shiny rates not being mentioned which is the only thing I care about. I absolutely hate those in real life events and since it’s 10 hours if not more by plane from here I am most definitely not going. If Niantic decides to leave the shiny rates unchanged for the global event I am getting one Relicanth and then I’m going to have a good day without any Pokémon GO. And I won’t raid the Primals because I just know I’m going to get another Shiny Groudon just like last time they had me do one because they forced me to raid it for a Collection Challenge and I was very pissed about that for sure.

All in all, bad event, bad choices, low expectations, they may surprise me but given it’s Niantic they will surprise me with an even worse event than I expected.

I won’t be attending the in Person event and I sure as hell won’t be purchasing a ticket for any other event. They’ve failed miserably to win me over on pay to win events. I know I harped on about it before but the moment a non ticketed acct got not just more but near double the amount of Shiny as one with a ticket was the day I was done with these thieves. If I partake at all I’ll get what I get and smile a lot as they didn’t get my $.

Those of you who did not attend, consider yourself fortunate. If you have been keeping up, Hoenn Tour was GO Fest 2017 the sequel. Unplayable for hours, unpreparedness from Niantic, amateur tech support and even tech set-up, and Niantic decided to blame the player base for their underpreparedness.

Thankfully, I was able to salvage something, but the event itself was virtually unplayable. We left after two hours.

With the $ in profits they rake in it’s really poor they continue to stuff these days up like the do. For it to continually happen is disrespectful to their consumers. Do they even care or are they so arrogant thinking they don’t need to do better as they’ve got their players hooked and won’t walk away.

Interestingly enough, they’ve been losing money over these past two years since they’ve been rolling back the pandemic bonuses. 2020 was a record year for them, and they’ve had a heavy dip in profits since then. Gee, I wonder why…


Adding onto this now that the Global event was over. Expectedly, the Shiny rate was significantly less, but thanks to what happened in Vegas, they gave the Vegas players who got the Egg-thusiastic add-on a two-day identical bonus for the Global event.

That bonused POPPED OFF!! Since I had the hundos for the Primals already, I just walked around for several hours collecting eggs and hatching them with a Star Piece on. I gained almost 2 million stardust in just two days!