Pokémon GO to drop support for 32-bit Android devices

Why now?

why now? It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the most recent bugs are limited to 32-bit devices and thus the easy way out for Niantic is to stop supporting them.

I wouldn’t be surprised either to hear an announcement of them discontinuing support for devices with less than 3GB RAM within 12 months because more RAM potentially reduces the chances of crashes occuring. Currently they support devices with 2GB RAM or more and devices with 3-4GB of RAM are available for less than $400 Australian which is the low end of price range.

For anyone not sure if their android is 32-bit or 64-bit, download 64bit checker from google play and it will tell you. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danielpolish.a64bitchecker

If Google will limit the Play Store to just 64-bit apps in 2021, why isn’t Niantic waiting for 2021?

I’m not surprised by this news most of the bugs are limited to 32-bit devices

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You can do things right, wrong or regular, or as Niantic does: force the 0.193.0 update and leave players without Pokémon GO without warning.

Thanks Niantic.

I’m sorry that you have to experience it like that. (Well, that’s from me talking while using a 64-bit supporting device).

Although, there should still be plenty of good 64 bit devices; any apple product from november 2013 and onward should do. (if you’re on a budget, try an iPhone SE (1 or 2 version, but i’d reccoment the second version)
Not sure for non-apple stuff though.

Please do keep in mind that we are not Niantic.

@VictorGO & @Brobraam

32-bit is still supported. But it’s the support for older Android and iOS versions.

Also is has been announced in August.

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