Pokemon Go Survey

Hello everybody, I am writing a masters thesis about continuous intention to use Pokemon Go and affects of the current pandemic to the game. I need some survey data from regular players to do that. Survey might look like it has a lot of questions, but it only takes around 5 minutes. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advanced. :blush:

Edit 1: I added an informed consent form and third option for gender.

For a Masters? Which school?

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If I look up “Utku seckin” the 4th result is the Istanbul technical university. I guess that may be it but not sure. Three results lower is someone with the same name at the university of california

I don’t want to click on it. If it had been a regular, no problem.

I get that. I have checked, it doesn’t ask for your google account and it doesn’t do anything weird. Looks like a legit survey

I’ve completed it, all quite simple questions about PoGo and your behavior with it.
No signs of danger.

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Yes it is Istanbul Techical University.

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Hey, at the end you could publish here at least a resume of your findings… :smiley:


i am planning to do so but it is gonna take sometime because i am just at the start. Thanks for participating :smiley:


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