Pokémon Go submissions system poll

Awhile back we started seeing code for a submissions system, but then, a lot of nothing. In my community we have a very small Ingress community, and not quite enough to get anything through until a small trickle when changes were made to OPR. I know we’d have a much easier time if we had our own submissions system because we have easily 12x the number of trainers. I was wondering if everyone else felt the same way, so here is a poll. Please take it and share it!

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I filled it out!

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Filled in

Great! Thanks! If you could please post it and spread it around. If I get enough responses I’ll try and send it to Niantic.

Just keep posting on this! Then people will see this thread and click on the link.

The poll has been closed, please click on it to see the results!

Whoa, that’s alot of people that filled it out!

Yeah! I emailed it to Niantic as well as tweeted it to them and tagged them on pictures of the results in Instagram!

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