Pokemon GO story

My parents are driving of course…

And next to the freeway was a unclaimed gym…

And I was able to add my Dragonite! On the freeway!

Anyone else do this?


Heck yeah! That’s the best!

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Ya it was awesome we were goin 70 miles an hour


@Pokemon, after you press the add-a-pokemon button, you must be far away and out of range from the gym due to high speed

If you press the button it works.

Even if you are to far.


Yes indeed

Hey, thats what I do! :sweat_smile:


Keep berrying

I got to do that when there was a traffic backup at the Bay Bridge in Maryland. My TTar stayed there for like 4 days.

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Nice! Must be rare, and I was the first in the gym!

I can sometimes hit Pokestops at speed but very rarely. Never put someone in a gym at full speed though.

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70 mph :heart_eyes:

I try to get stuff at that speed. Summer of '16, you could. I had my son on my phone in the backseat spinning everything. They stopped that a month or two later.


Love a good drive ‘n drop. Normally ends up being a low level mon I am going to trash anyway.

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I have done this many times when in a car. Once when driving past one of the DLP hotels i could just reach one gym and i stood there for little over 24h, but it is enough for me.

Haha, I stayed for two with a golden razz :sob::skull_and_crossbones:

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