Pokemon Go Stadium event in Yokohama

Since it’s already August, does anyone already received the ‘Notice of Selection’ email from the organizer?


I haven’t received it, but i noticed that it said nothing about PoGo. So, either this event isn’t about the game at all or Niantic are trying to keep this as quiet as possible.

I’m currently in Japan, about 20 minutes away from Yokohama. I haven’t seen any signs or heard any people talk about it yet.

Since it’s only for a selected group of people, I have a feeling they are keeping it quiet so they don’t get the whole community excited.

Would make sense if they are testing some new feature (Trading or PVP?) or releasing another thing like HO,oh or Gen 3.

I found this on Yokohama’s tourism website. http://www.yokohamajapan.com/upcoming-events/pikachu-outbreak-2017/ with a schedule of events for the festival (includes Pokemon Go Stadium)

They have at least some-what hyped the festival but again, not so much the event.

If I have a chance to get to Yokohama while I’m here, I’ll try and find more info.