Pokemon GO - Safari Zone Event (Paris - 16.09.)

Dear Trainers,

I will fly to Paris on September 15th and will attend the Safari Zone Event at the Les4Temps Shopping Mall (at least if Niantic opens registration and I can manage to register for the event)

I would love to meet up with other GoHub Forum Members to raid, catch, talk and in generell represent our community.

If you are going too please let me know!

Also I plan on updating this thread with pictures from the event


UPDATE 05.09.2017:

It seems Mystic7 will also be at the event:

He mentioned in his last video that he will be staying 5 days in Paris starting from the 14th of September.
This leads me to believe that he might be working at the event in some capacity
similar to what he was doing in Chicago for the GoFest.

It would be cool to get an Interview for the Hub. What do you guys think?
Any suggestions what I should ask him if I get the chance to?

UPDATE 06.09.2017:

So Niantic just announced new details about the event here:

The basic rundown of the informations:

Safari Zone Events will take place at these shopping centers:

  • CentrO in Oberhausen (Germany)
  • Les Quatre Temps in Paris (France)
  • La Maquinista in Barcelona (Spain)

Trainers who are able to register for the event will have the following Ingame benefits:

  • Special event badge / medal : GoHub Datamine
  • Special 2km Eggs: rare hatches
  • Special Spawns: Kangaskhan, Chansey, Larvitar, Unown, Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Magikarp
  • Lures will be activated all day at each PokéStop

Also there will be some real life benefits for attending trainers like:

  • Team lounges
  • Trainer kits (I assume this will be a physical badge, as it was at GoFest in Chicago)
  • Special offers for Trainers at select stores

Now here is where things turn south in my opinion:

Gym and Raid Battles will not be available at these shopping centers during the events.

This directly contradicts what the initial event announcment stated:

Additionally, Trainers in attendance will join forces to take on unique and powerful Raid Bosses that will be making appearances at these events. (PokemonGo Summer Events)

I understand that this is most likely for safety reasons as 4000 people in a confined space like a shopping mall would almost certainly cause some trouble when trying to gather around a single gym to battle a raid boss.

Nonetheless it is somewhat frustrating for Trainers like myself who have booked flights and accomodation weeks in advance in hope of getting the chance to be within the first ones to battle some new Raid bosses, maybe even MewTwo.

My hype for this event is also tempered by the following statement in the official article:

Trainers who are unable to get tickets will be able to discover and catch some of the Pokémon found at the Pokémon GO Safari Zones events throughout the city where the shopping center is located.

This means basically that there is almost no benefit of attending this event at the mall besides the special ingame badge and an questionable “trainer kit”.

Either way I will try to attend the festivities but will likely head back to the center of Paris to at least catch me some french Entei.

What are you guys thinking of this official announcment and the event?

UPDATE 06.09.2017 - 12:30

The shopping mall just posted this on their official Facebook Site:

Dear trainers,

We are preparing a Pokémon Go Safari Zone on 16th of September!
Trainers will have a chance to catch Pokémon like Kangashkan, Chansey, Larvitar and others.
There will be lures activated all day, 2 km eggs and much more!

In order to offer the best possible gaming experience Niantic has stated that
Gym- and Raid-Battles will not be available during the event.
Discover the latest information here: https://pokemongolive.com/fr/post/safarizoneupdate2

Come and receive trainer kits, enjoy team lounges, special offers in the shops of the centre and meeting with VIP guests.

Get ready, we’ll open the registration platform tonight at 18:00

Stay tuned, you’ll know more soon…


UPDATE 06.09.2017 - 20:00

So let’s see those questions!



Sadly I have school and can’t come out there. Not even that far on the EuroStar, but hope you have a good time.

Also, Mystic huh? Looking at his track record at events there will probably be something special on there.


Let’s see what we can do to get you an interview :slight_smile:


I will be there, I just hope I will also manage to register in order to participate ^^.

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I’ll be flying over from Ireland over that weekend. Really hoping they announce the registration/tickets soon as we booked the Hotel and flight ages ago :confused:

Hope to see you there.


I’m checking the site constantly. 4000 tickets is not much

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whereabouts do you live in Ireland because I live near Dublin.

Dublin City, I’m very active in the raiding, Discord and Whats app scene, so chances are you know me :slight_smile:

I was thinking of making an event in the facebook for people who still need Entei(me included) where we go out on a Saturday and drive around and raid enteis across the city. We’d obviously need to sort out lifts and stuff like that. We’d need a lot of raid passes so start farming up those coins. I was thinking Saturday 23rd of September. Are you in the FB group?

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Don’t like mystic 7 think he is niantic pet

Where does it say 4000 tickets? :+1:t3:


That’s cool thanks, hope they announce registration soon

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I plan to go to 4 Temps even if I don’t get a ticket for the Mall Event! I am a SUPER HUGE fan of Mystic7 and want to be there for the meet up… you can contact me, would be happy to meet you. Cheers!
Leesa (I live 30 mins from La Défense )

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I am flying with my partner from Scotland to attend this event I am just hoping we get tickets as we have hotel and flights booked.


By the way if anyone of you is interested I would love to get together for some Raids during my stay in Paris:


@leonk98 @JamesL @Islandgirl4ever2 @Bonnie1007 @atLeetoyJenkins @Bliamoh @JoshHack


Hi Miles, I live outside of Paris and I am in a 5 different groups in my town who actively do RAIDS all day… I can give you my contact number and add you to my groups if you want to come down to Antony,
it is about 20 minutes via the RER B from the center of Paris… Let me know… Other than that, there
are FB groups in Paris for RAIDS and I can help you find some, if you need help…
Cheers, Leesa

Thanks for the info, Leesa.

Sadly I will only stay from Friday to Sunday and I don’t plan to spend too much money and time on transportation.
My plan was to mostly walk and farm Pokemon and do some Raids around LaDefense.

If the event turns out to be an disappointment like GoFest I would be heading to LesHalles via Metro and
walk my way from there to the Arc de Triomphe via Notre Dame, Louvree, Champs de Mars etc.

Hi Miles, okay, got it!

By the way… I spent 10 days at La Defénse during our Kang and Unown Event in August, 5 to 7 hours per day… Got from Level 38 to 39, with the help of my Go Plus… They added a ton of Pokéstops and the lures were lit ALL day and night long… I wouldn’t go over to Les Halles because there are NOT a ton of Pokéstops there… Moreover, if you only want to grind, I would say to go to La Villete… But, I think that around the Mall, and in Paris, they will have good spawns… Even the Jardin du Lux has more PokéStops than Les Halles …

Registration is live: