Pokémon GO’s second Anniversary event

I didn’t know a Squirtle with Sunglasses looks like this😛

What a disappointment for an anniversary event, really.
How do you think about this?


Why not both Squirtle with glasses and the summer pikachu?


Actually pretty hype but hoping for a bigger event.


I’m fine with a new Pikachu variant. But don’t expect me to spend coins on new clothes.


We have had three events in a row recently, Fighting type showdown, adventure week, and water festival so I was not expecting a big event. This event is pleasing, bringing a new pikachu into the game. I expected the party hat pikachu lol.

Has anyone seen the new Pikachu in the wild yet

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No i believe it is rarer than normal pikachu, but only them. But it is spawning for another 26 days so I’ll be fine

Lol, event… It’s just a Pikachu that spawns more frequently, and a rarer variant of him. Niantic isn’t really showing that they like Pokémon GO’s second birthday.

Don’t get me wrong though: I’ll make sure to catch as many Pikachus with sunglasses as possible; I like them.

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Better than another Hat one.
I’m fine with it.

Got my Pikachu and Raichu. They summer ready.

Pls stop giving us those hard to transfer pikachus

I dont have it yet tho

Because of all the variants, I have more Pikachu and Raichu then anything else. Will Squirtle be first non-Pikachu variant?

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It is still better than nothing I guess.