Pokémon GO Remote Raiding Roll Out Begins

Remote raiding is live!

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QoL update they didnt mess up, what a time to be alive

Sadly, they DID mess it up. They brought down the servers for almost a half-hour. [face palm.]

Not to mention a failed roll out of the Kanto Throwback questline. That was available for a shortwhile, and people who completed the first part got to finish it.

Reward spoiler

Shiny Mewtwo is possible at the end, unless that was an accident aswell.

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Had folks here sharing this, I’m yet to see it in my app though. Hoping it doesn’t rely on a previous quest I may have missed to be completed :crossed_fingers:

I never completed the first part and also still have the Kanto Throwback 2020 Research.

Hmm then i must have misunderstood. Did you maybe complete a part of it?

Just did a Landorus raid with a remote raid pass. Captured it. The IV’s are bad though xD

I have once I figured out it was there earlier this morning (around 9:00 our time).

The first part of what?

You already have the Kanto Throwback research?

Not anymore, because I’ve completed it already.


Is anybody still seeing Kanto Throwback stuff? It’s not supposed to begin until Friday.

Yeah I thought it was supposed to begin on Friday. I don’t have it yet.

I have yet to catch the featured Legendary Kanto Pokemon (won’t spoil which one for those who don’t want to know).


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First two times raiding remotely seemed comparable to the experience of raiding on site. I’m not sure whether the benefit of raiding from further away will be worth the cost after the remote raiders’ damage starts being reduced,

When the lockdown ends and remote raiders do less damage than raiders on site, it will certainly change the protocol for coordinating groups via Discord (or whatever a particular place uses to coordinate). For one thing, there is no natural and convenient way to coordinate a group restart when somebody loses the net connection mid-raid and not everybody is on hand for the “jump out” call. And secondly, a group with enough raiders to overwhelm the boss can afford to have more remote members than a group that’s close to the minimum size for the boss, meaning the latter may need to delay their start time to allow time for remote people to come to the gym and get full damage.

Yeah, theres loads of potential issues with remote raiding. Im about to turn on our raid tool specifically for remote raiding, so in the morning people can start using it again. Really curious to see how it goes and i hope people will mostly use it for remote raiding and not to form large groups IRL. If that happens ill be forced to shut it down again.

No kidding. Parking within ‘nearby’ range and staying in the car seems quite doable, and effective for ‘social distancing’.

Places having ‘stay home’ restrictions would probably frown even on somebody driving a few blocks to park and raid, though; and players who are major extroverts might feel a more urgent need to be in a group than the need to raid.

Wishing you good health on the covid front and good behavior on the coordinating front.

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Once damage reduces and the cost of a pass goes up, it will be very much less worth it for sure.

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The standard raid already costs slightly less per-raid than the remote raid, when the daily free pass is factored in (as if anybody hadn’t noticed that, yet).

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