Pokemon Go Plus

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon Go Plus device. Is it worth it? Do you think there any improvements to be made?

I’ve been using my GO Plus for months now. It’s certainly very practical, when you’re spending time with friends, or are just walking / driving around a lot, not wanting or being able to have your phone out all the time. I use it for my daily commute on the bike for example.

BUT: The catch rates are horrible - Pokémon flee more often than they are caught. It is very annoying that you can only throw Pokéballs. You regularly have to check if it is still connected, since it disconnects frequently. And personally I’ve made the experience that the bluetooth connection actually drains your battery more than having the game open.

In general I have something of a love-hate relationship with it. By now I wouldn’t want to play without it anymore, but I definitely think that for the very limited features it offers it should be cheaper.


Could have not said it better!


I agree with everything. But it’s kinda hard to get and it’s not very cheap.
But I want one really badly.

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@lilliaceae I completely agree. I think the PGO+ will also be revamped some time in the future. Seeing the other (fake) devices around, a PGO+ could definitely be improved and I doubt Niantic would want “unofficial” devices to take a lead. I’m curious to see what their approach would be and how they will exploit the functionality of the PGO+ to offer a more enhancing experience.


I love my Go Plus, but, it is not needed to play. Probably not worth the price either to be honest.

I’ve had a PoGo+ Since it’s release in the fall last year.

I can’t imagine playing without it at this point. GO is a grind at this point for me (Level 37 - all but Unown and 3 regional caught). The only thing I’m playing for on a daily basis is the streaks, 100 gym coins and a few last remaining medals. I don’t know if I had to catch every common Pidgey, Rattata if I would be leveling up as fast. I might be skipping a lot more.

Certainly there are a lot of bugs with it, but I think they don’t outweigh the positives.


It’s perfect for example when I’m on Pokestop spinning run to just catch all the Venonats and Goldeens I don’t want to waste time on.

But is there any way to buy PoGo+? Or you need to wait for the perfect moment and then someone might have overpriced one?


Amazon has normal prices, but cheaper if you have prime

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Price: $33.23 + $41.61 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Croatia

and there is that… :cry:

I only use mine to spin stops while driving. For that alone it’s worth it.


I’m poeticore…

and I am a Go Plus addict. :joy:

Go Plus number four will be arriving in a couple days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyone has any other ideas where can I get one? :frowning:

I bought mine on Ali Express. It works well on my device. It costed me $29 and paid almost nothing for shipping ($3 or something like that). The bad side is that it can take 1 month to arrive depending of the country…

Holly molly you’re right! that’s almost 80$ for a button -.-

Other option is amazon.de where the price is 45€ all together, or I can buy it somewhere here in Croatia for 350,00 HRK whats like 45+€ also.

I was hoping for 30-35 range but can’t find any options.

Level 39 here.
I would never ever ever be lvl 39 without the PoGo+. The catch rate is not that bad and the device is even better since the first throw bonus has been implemented


Its not that cheap tho I agree

I have mine since launch and I exclusively use it for pokestops and distance walking with screen off or using a different app for my music on my phone. Works flawlessly albeit the occasional disconnect but solid

It is very useful for doing item runs where you need to spin stops at speed. Allows me to spin some stops while on the bus to & from work & also occasionally mons.
Flee rate is horrible though - anywhere from 5% to 8% in addition to normal flee rates (seems higher most days though & yes I’m that guy who keeps track of catch / flee rates).