Pokemon GO Plus NEW BACK?

If you haven’t heard, tomorrow(July 15th) Japan is getting a new Pokemon GO Plus accessory! It’s a new sort of backing with a ring attached to it!
This reminds me with how people have the metal rings on the back of their phone, so maybe Niantic is seeing the trend with them, and have decided to run with it?
(In all honesty, I prefer the popsocket on the back of my phone.)
In the picture, it isn’t metal, like the typical ring. It looks to be made of some sort of possibly cheap plastic? It’s from Japan though so I assume the product should hold up well.

In the article, it says "it’s designed for trainers to conveniently use their Pokemon GO Plus safely in the palm of their hand, making sure it doesn’t fall off."
This seems better than the bracelet and even better than the plain old clip. I’ve never used the clip, in fear of it falling off, and the bracelet doesn’t quite fit on my wrist. It’s slightly too big and when I ride my bike to play Pokemon, the device consistently slides under my palm when I hit bumps.
This accessory cannot be for bikers, but for those who love to walk everywhere, all while having the Pokemon GO Plus with them.
The article also says that if you buy this in stores, you receive stickers to transform your Plus to look like a Great, Ultra, or Master Ball! How cool!

Here is the link below! Let me know what you think and if you would buy it once it comes to the US or Samurai Buyer or Amazon is able to export it from Japan!
https://nintendosoup.com/pokemon-go-plus-ring-accessory-launches-japan-july-15th/ .

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Thanks Trainer, we almost missed this news!


Pretty cool a new back I see how it works it’s a good idea though I won’t drop cash for it. Free stickers are nice to go with it though. Lot of different stickers out there on amazon now for your go plus for those who haven’t looked. You can get lapras snorlax, umbreon, espeon, haunter, blastoise and more even real wood grain look. Simple “pokemon go plus” search in amazon brings em up.

Wood Grain for Mystic, Valor, and Instinct

Umbreon See below others like it by this company for more choices as described above.


There’s even a leather zipped protective holder case


Thanks for sharing the different customizations for the Pokemon GO Plus!

I forgot to mention this, but you can also use this as a necklace.
It may not be perfect, but you can just make or buy a loose necklace and string it onto it!
If you don’t like the idea of this backing for the necklace, try one of the custom made backings created by an Etsy user! It has an eyelet and is specifically made to be worn like a necklace!

Here’s the link. There are also other customized backings for the Pokemon GO Plus that he sells as well! Be sure to check his page out!

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Cool I like etsy nice to see someone there doing stuff for pogo

It is. And how they aren’t a marketed brand.

Keeping this alive.
Check this new find out.
Thicker but rechargeable way cool.

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I looked at the reviews and it doesn’t seem that great. I might review it though.

Nice keep us informed @libby_wlibby also the bad review i read the questions i get the sense that purchaser didn’t know how to put it on right maybe. Course the manufacturers instructions might be bad. Someone posted they have a youtube video on how to put it on seems it’s a set on top off center then twist on, and now having watched the video there are no directions in the box lol but they do give you a screwdriver. Anyway let us know how ya like it it will be chunky but it’s a rechargeable battery so may still be worth it in the end compared to buying batteries.

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