Pokémon Go Plus battery help

Hello guys, I recently purchased a Pokémon go plus online (still haven’t received it yet). I was wondering, since I read a few articles concerning the battery consumption of Go+, how long does a normal C2032 battery normally last for you guys? And I also heard Go+ disconnects after 1 hour of being idle, is this true?

Battery lasts quite a long time. I use mine for hours daily.
What you need to watch is sometimes the plus goes dead and you think the the battery has gone flat when it’s not. Open the Plus up take battery out, put back in and you’ll find it starts working again straight away. If it doesn’t then it is really flat.

Regardless of activity or non activity it will disconnect after an hour. Sometimes when this happens the icon on the screen indicates it’s on when it’s not.

Thanks for the quick reply! Really appreciate it

The same from here. I use mine now for a month, and the battery is still good. I have to do sometimes the same, the GO+ is blocked, and the only way to get it work again is open it, and taking out and putting back the battery.
In the streets I allways have a screwdriver in in pocket, you never know when you need it… :grin:

The go plus AND gotcha disconnecting at random and having issues turning back on are just the downfalls of Bluetooth, as for turning off after a hour I believe that is to prevent a few common things from happening

If I am not going to use it for some time (about a week) would you advise me to remove the battery from the Plus and putting it back in when I want to use it again to save some battery?

All electronic with Bluetooth is searching continouisly for other devices for contact. So there is a continous charge of energy. What I can’t say if it is much or not. So, if you want evade any charge of energy, better you take away the battery. But recharchable batteries loose charge little by little allways. So maybe you find it empty without using it.