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Pokémon Go on iPhone 5C

So, I’m using an iPhone 5C and since today, Pokémon Go won’t work anymore, I know it was announced, but is there any possibility to play it on my phone? I also have a Tolino Tab 8, but it cam’t run PG eithrt (also the Apk)

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Nope. iPhone 5 can’t get iOS 11. But here is some advice from me: try to get an iPhone SE. It is the same size as an iPhone 5 but is basically an iPhone 6s in an iPhone 5.
I use one myself and I don’t have trouble

I think there isn’t something like an APK for iOs rigjt? So i can still play it?

There isn’t a APK for IOS

Dude… APK is for Android, iPhones use IPAs
But most importantly, since the game requires iOS 11, you cant play it on iPhone 5c no matter what, you need a new phone to play

I k ow APK is for android, my question was, if there is anything LIKE an APK

“like” can also mean “for example”, thats what I thought you mean
And as Ive said, there is IPA, but it wont work anyways

My son and I both play on an iPhone SE. He just got his at Christmas and I got mine back in July of '16 just to be able to play the game.

should answer all.

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