Pokemon Go Location

if you could play anywhere in the world where would you play?

I would play either San fransico or somewhere in Tokyo. Alot of Pokestops alot of pokemon and many trainers.
Total opposite of where i live and play now.

I would like to play in an urban but save area. Like Tokyo is not worlds savest place with all its earthquakes

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Australia for Kangaskhan (& Heracross?) and for the cities there.

I love my community where I am, I’m not gonna give them up


tbh I love where am I playing right now, but I guess that having more stops and gyms (and have one at home) wouldnt be too horible
What I do despise is our regional, Mime, and I cant wait for him to get replaces (Pachirisu? Smeargle?)

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I like my area, I’m approx. 2 hrs away from San Fran/the Bay Area, 8 hr drive/1 hr flight from LA and 1.5 hr from Tahoe, diverse biomes and lots of pokestops pretty much everywhere in CA

I would take my community to Santa Monica or just go hook up with the you tubers e.g. Mystic 7 dark matter wolf

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San fransisco is not that good, santa monica is much better for pokemon and for other trainers. Tokyo is a good choice though, @5GodLink. I have heard of how there is always someone else at a raid there. Were do you live though? I live in california.


Went on a trip to NYC and there were all sorts of crazy and rare spawns. Especially in Central Park. Drawback is I was attacking a gym with a group and once it fell, BAM, all six spots were taken. Huge player base there.