Pokémon GO introduces Postcard Book - Pokémon GO Hub

It doesn’t actually do anything, but I like the idea of this feature. Whenever I travel somewhere, I like to get something small that reminds me of that place. This is the same as that, just digitally

Sure, nice, I guess. This feels like creeping featurism to me, and makes me wonder what the next step might be… a Pokemon GO file system manager? Or a PoGO email server?

Besides, most of the phones players use to play the game already have fairly high-function photo gallery apps, some even with app-specific albums (my S9+ has a Pokemon GO album, for example). So, it’s also redundant function. smh

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I for one am not excited for this. Unless there’s significant rewards for saving “memories”, I won’t be using it.

As long as it doesn’t rob power from the game affecting that I can just pretend it’s not even there.


That’s what I’m trying to do with this baloons with the R-logo…


yep, same here, except when there is a new shadow legendary. Not that big a fan of the rocket battles, and I have yet to do my 1000th team rocket battle.