''Pokemon GO has crashed''

How do I get rid of this message? It has been randomly popping up for the past couple of months and I’m sick of it. It appears even when I did not open the game for hours, I open google chrome on my phone, BAM “Pokemon go has crashed” . I open facebook BAM “Pokemon go has crashed” . how do I get rid of this? I have reinstalled the game atleast two times and it did not help.
Did anyone have this? how did you fix it?

I’ve seen some crashes and lots of freezes, but almost always from flaky network reception. What you describe would be distressing, for sure.

Both of your examples involve starting other apps with PoGo in the background. That makes me wonder – does the crash message ever just pop up by itself, without you doing anything on your phone for awhile? (Or does it ever happen while you have PoGo open and actively running in the foreground?)

it happens even when I hadn’t started the app for 24 hours or more. It does pop up randomly. Sometimes it pops up even when running the game, and I click on some message like Okay or whatever and it doesn’t even crash the game. It’s like a false crash report that keeps popping up.

Thanks for the details. That sounds as mystifying as frustrating. I wish you luck, and hope my PoGo platform never gets that bad. (The frequent network connectivity errors are aggravating enough.)

Thanks, too, for the timely reminder not to be misguidedly nostalgic for the software support work I walked away from years ago.

Np. Now I have another crash problem. When I try to submit new wayfarer wayspots the game keeps crashing. I reload, try again, it crashes again. It worked fine just last week and the week before. I already submitted more than 15 wayspot on 2 different accounts…this is really frustrating. Could it be that the game’s cache is full? How do I clear that? I will try to find it

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