Pokemon GO Gen IV Meta discussion

What do you think:

  • Who will be the next top meta Pokemon?
  • Do you expect any significant changes to the current meta?
  • What will happen with Gen 1 => 4 evolution lines?
  • What are your predictions on the Gen IV meta?


But probably Mamoswine, the dragon slayer.

Cool topic @apavlinovic.
What about you?



Thats pretty much the GEN4 pokemon to go for.


Garchomp takes the spot of the best non-legendary Dragon, Palkia and Dialga wil be best Dragon overall
Dialga also takes the Steel spot
Chomp, with Mud Slap and Dig, might even be able to outclass Groudon as a Ground attacker!
Mamoswine is the new best Ice, Glaceon comes second
Electivire becomes 1st in electric DPS
Heatran becomes the king of fire types
Giratina, if not nerfed, will be an excellent Ghost attacker with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
And, if given new Water fast move like Liquidation, Palkia outpreforms Kyogre

Rampardos could very easily be the best.
Suprisungly @Necrozmadabest and @Robdebobrob, you didnt mention him.
But with over 30 attack more than Tyranitar, and prbably better rock moves, (and it won’t be bad like Tyranitar where you cant get a double rock moveset anymore), it will be a good addition.

Also a 50 candy evolution.

Rampardos has the same problem Electivire has compared to Raikou.
More attack, but less stamina and defense. Making them good attackers sure, but leaning more towards glass canons.
For Electivire its only 7 attack more so im not sure its worth it.
Rampardos with 30 attack more might be. But half the defense is ALOT.

But we will have to wait and see what kind of attacks all of them get in GEN4 to actually see who takes the top spots. For now its just educated guessing.

Rampardos is incredibly frail
Good pick if you have a ton of dustvand Cranidos candies, otheriwise TTar/Rhyperior is better

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Hopefully Rhyperior gets a dual rock,

I only have one smack ttar

Blaziken will have higher dps than Heatran, Moltres, and others…

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I just want that INFERNAPE!


Dual rock Rhyperior would be interesting yes. Almost as high ATK stat as Ttar.

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Yes it would be good and maybe a better moveset.

But Rhyperior with a OP dual rock would be awesome.

I have a feeling it won’t be Honchcrow.

I wish Niantic don’t do nerfs this time. Cmon, give us 4.6k CP Dialga. Let someone have a higher atk than Mewtwo!

Unfortunately Mew2 is supposed to be the ‚ÄúUltimate‚ÄĚ Pokemon, so they most likely will nerf it, but there‚Äôs still hope!

Deoxys Attack and Regular have higher


Yeah but what is Attack Deoxys going to do with 46 Defense? Weedle has a higher Defense stat.
And the regular isnt that great either…

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Glass cannon

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Speed form id thr modt balanced but it has a bad attack so normal is the best

Girantina or Arceus