Pokemon Go fest experiences

So as the festival kicked off in Chicago this morning I headed to the local park and was ready to put a lure at a couple of pokestops there. I had 5 but this morning they had disappeared? What gives?

Did you by chance catch the time extension for gold?

As far as I know it’s still 7pm eastern time or 6pm Chicago time. It lasts for a hour

Ah well I was asking about the bonus extension times I missed what was said for gold on the twitch feed.
Bonus extension times
24 hour bronze
48 hour silver
Gold I didn’t catch

If I remember well ‘Gold’ means the mystery challenge will be unlocked.

Hmm don’t think so. Event said from 6-7 is the event to unlock that. The badges are time extensions for the boosts. But could be wrong.

You’re probably right. I am watching twitchtv but that doesn’t help much

Yeah they’ve been very bad about giving us data a second time. The announcer stood in front of the badge screen when I didn’t pay enough attention so missed gold. Even now they’ve removed the stats screen ugh. They’re doing rather bad streaming imho.

Streaming? What streaming? :slight_smile:

I am staring at a picture all the time.

As for a general idea of the event. They started the stream an hour late and everyone wasn’t even in the park. It’s a shame they’re this bad for a paid event while ingress events are free and always on time.

Might be fun for the people at go fest, but based on my experience it’s just another day with maybe a few more lures…not even bothering with the 3rd window. They could have at least had a few more rare spawns or something. The spawns at the place I went were actually worse during the event than they usually are. Also seems like they lowered the catch rate and raised the flee rate

In a word: BLAH!

Ok thanks. I didn’t catch any of that

Played for 4-5 hours today. I caught two above 80% pikachu’s with an ash hat, a flaffy, and met 20-25 players out at a historical location I always farm at. Dropped 12 lures but didn’t attract any super rare mons (the Flaffy I caught didn’t spawn from a lure). All and all I caught 231 Mon’s, beat two raid bosses, and met some cool people while doing so.

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I played almost all day, doing errands in between and i saw fewer pokemon than on a usual day. I was a little disappointed BUT I will keep playing. Niantic is going to hit their stride soon!