Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Ultra Unlock | Pokémon GO Hub

Part 1 speculation: shiny palkia and some Pokemon cross generations that get a random release?
Part 2 speculation: shiny dialga and regionals swapping places?
Part 3 speculation: arceus is my prediction

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I’d be glad to see shiny Palkia or Dialga. Because I get the ominous feeling that there will be something like Mega Weedle in there. (D’oh, we’ve already had that. How about Mega-Wurmple… And how about shiny Solrock for good measure.)

The Mega Wurmple was actually a joke, as there was a big Wurmple filling up my encounter screen. I believe there is not a member of the Wurmple Family that has a Mega Form. But I really hope I am wrong, actually.

I was aiming for sardonic but got sour grapes, instead. Their choice could wind up being decent, anyway.

(And I thought your giant Wurmple was great fun.)

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I noticed Pokebattler already has a page for Mega Mewtwo Y… Could that be a clue about the mysterious ultra unlock? It would seem uncharacteristic for Niantic to be that cool, though. I’m still holding out hope for Black Kyurem, though…

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